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Monday, 10 March 2008

Hmmmm, I'm going to be late.....

Hello Girls
I'm sorry but it looks like I'm going to miss todays post. Either Google are being very naughty OR the freaky wind, lashing rain, crazy lightening and NO thunder is having some bad effect on my ability to get Blogger to upload anything.

However, do not fret, I will be here tomorrow, bright and early, and, all being well, will have Day 30 and 31 of your 100 Freebies along with all the NEW links for the CLD Birthday bash.... hey.... but thats not all.... Oh no. I also have for you, from tomorrow, 7 days of lush CLD Birthday bonuses AND a gorgeous little goody to add to my new Easter Parade kit. Phew, worth the wait???

See you tomorrow oh, and would you girls do me a BIG favour? Please say a little prayer, send good thoughts etc for my Jay. He's got a very important interview tomorrow and it might go pear shaped because we can't find his Teaching Certificate. We've been turning the house upside down all day to no avail so please keep your fingers crossed that it won't affect his chances. If he gets this job he will shave a total of almost 4 hours from his working day and he won't have to drive on that dreaded M6 which can only be good for us.

Thanks everyone and your patience is much appreciated. Yikes, I'm outta here, that lightening was just a tad too close for comfort. I've heard about folk getting zapped through the telephone. Jay doesn't believe me but its true.

See ya tomorrow.

Boo x


Lisa said...

Sorry Boo you are having problems today. On Saturday, Google was giving me fits! Looking forward to seeing what's up that wonderful sleeve of goodies for tomorrow. I do pray that Jay will ace the interview and that you find his certificate! Hope you stayed safe through that nasty storm.

crlin said...

Wow, so sorry the weather is so bad! I sure pray that the interview will go great and the certificate will appear very soon!
Looking forward to a better day tomorrow!!

Robyn said...

Keeping you both in my prayers; I hope Jay's interview goes well.

You're right about getting zapped. I once was talking to someone across the country (USA) and they were having a bad electrical storm. All of a sudden I got a very nasty zap in my ear. Yet I was 2000 miles away from the storm! The other person wasn't affected at all. I also know someone who was knocked out of their chair while talking during a storm. Not something to be messed with.