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Monday, 31 March 2008

It's here.... DAY 50.....


It's Day 50 of our 100 Days of Freebies.

And check out what I have for you today

First of all, I have my BIG 50% Sale on today at SAS and just for you guys, I've extended the sale to include 1st April to give you all time to grab the goodies

The Sale is ONLY available at SAS but its well worth the few minutes to register for free.

*Please note that the CU items are not yet available in the sale but hopefully will be done by tomorrow so if you want them at this fab price, check back tomorrow.*

One Complete Brag Book Album

Created by my wonderful Design Artist, Michelle and using all the goodies from the 100 Days kit, you get this awesome set of 12 brag book Pages. Put them together to create a stunning album, perfect for a gift, or use individually. These are not available anywhere else and have been created especially for this event

And this gorgeous mini Kit which includes everything you could need to create several beautiful pages

You can grab the lot via the links below. The password as always is 100freebies

Brag Book 1
Brag Book 2

Kit 1

Kit 2

Kit 3

Kit 4

Well folks, have a wonderful day and enjoy your Day 50 goodies and i'll see you back here tomorrow for say 51.

Big Hugs

Boo x

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Day 49 and sneaky peeks...

Are you READY......?
It's almost Day 50 of our 100 Days of Freebies. Yes, tomorrow see's us cross that halfway line and to celebrate I have some super duper goodies for you tomorrow but I wanted to give you a heads start on one of those goodies. After this....hehe
Todays goodie is this set of two starry eyed frames, wrapped and ready to go. Arn't they fab. You can grab them here or click the preview. Enjoy
Password is 100freebies

Lets have a quick look at the last 9 Days of goodies. WOW, this kit is growing to mega proportions already and we have another 50+ Days to go. How cool is that folks?!

Boo's SAS'y Colour Challenge

Its almost that time of the month again. Time for a brand new SAS~y Colour Challenge. March has been a fantastic month both for lo's and the wonderful freebie kits and goodies our lovely scrappers have been sharing with us. Honestly, I am left open mouthed by the fab things that have come through this month. Its so wonderful to log in and find myself staring at such treats. So a BIG thank you to all who took part in March's CC.

Aprils colours are a little more vibrant yet still, I feel, spring like. You can find the new colour swatch along with the rules for play and the freebie Colour Challenge Kit created by me especially for this challenge. Like it? You can grab it over at SAS.

*Edit* Ok, Ok, wahahahah, this is what you get for 'rushing' things. I'm a whole month in front of myself, hehe. The 'MAY' Challenge is actually the 'April' Challenge folks. I just put the wrong month on, lol.

And here is the Posting Bonus for taking part this April. Don't forget, the more SAS Challenges you enter, the more Posting Bonus's you'll earn yourself and The SAS Designers have created some awesome kits for you. Lets just say I'm hoping to grab some time to enter a few of those challenges myself. The PB's are just too yummy to pass up on, hehe

Ok, so whats the BIG secret???

Check it out. Below you will see previews of several Brand New Kits I just added to my SAS Store. Why have I done so many??? Good Question. Let me tell you. I wanted to provide as much variety as possible because tomorrow, as part of my DAY 50 Celebrations I'm having a ONE DAY ONLY SALE. Thats right, it doesn't happen often in Booland but tomorrow you get 50% OFF my entire store including my Special Offers, Bargain Bin and CU products. Thats a whole 50% off EVERYTHING for ONE DAY ONLY on the 31st March.

Want to see what I added today???









THESE ARE PRICED NORMALLY AT $1.99. Tomorrow, for ONE DAY ONLY you get them for HALF PRICE.

And thats not all...... Of course its not. This is BooLand where the goodies just keep getting better and better. We'll have more super fab goodies for you right here so be sure to pop back to collect the rest of our DAY 50 Celebration Goodies.

Blossom's Competition

Now please everyone, pop on over to the Blossoms Blog and check out the Brand new Competition they are running over there. If you want to be in with a chance to wind some awesome prizes you gotta enter. The competition begins on April 1st and since Lois has spilled the beans over there, iguess its ok for me to tell you that everyone who enters gets a goody, wahooo.....

Oh, before I forget, a couple of you mentioned problems with 4shared. I checked it myself and it is working fine for me. Please keep trying as we all know 4shared can be very tempremental at times. Thanks all.

OK, I'd better hit the sack. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. See you all then. Have fun.


Boo x

Friday, 28 March 2008

Day 48 of 100 Freebies

Hello everyone. How are you all doing?

Is it me or is the internet painfully sloooooowwwww today?? Perhaps its something to do with 'Earth Hour' and saving energy? I've been sitting here with just the light from the pc and a candle to try and do my bit. Its quite nice actually lol.

Having said that, I might not feel quite so relaxed had I watched all of Most Haunted lol but fortunately, Jay had set the sky to record and so my programme ended rather abruptly, right in the middle of one of Yvettes screams, hmmmm. It's not the same without Derek Akhora though. He was just so much fun to watch.

Anyway, enough of all that. Lets get on with our goody for today. Day 48 is this yummy set of spacy papers and includes the overlays so you can add your own colours. Pretty cool huh. You can grab them here or click on the preview. Have fun.

Oh those Blossoms...

What fun they have in store for you. Our Blossoms Blog Hostess Lois is putting together the final touches for this brand new competition and the girls are all busy working on the prizes. Lets just say they are sooooo lovely I am entering the comp myself, hehe. Hey, just cause I'm the Boss Lady doesn't mean I don't have to sing for my supper you know. Oh no, they are making me work for the goodies too. All's fair in love and scrap....

So, be sure to pop on over to the Blossoms Blog and check out the competition for your chance to win some fantastic prizes. I promise, you won't be sorry...

And here are some more of my Blossoms 'Spring Passion' lo's

Amber by Rebecca

Easter Egg Hunt by Diane

Mother by Petra
She re-coloured the butterflies. Don't they look fab.

Easter Silliness by Lois
June by Erika. Love the contrast of B&W with this lo
Pretty One by Lynn
Maddie by Linda
Sweet Caroline by Linda
Finally, Winner of our 'Name that Kit' competition Aristo Kat did this totally gorgeous lo using her Spring Passion Prize.
This is Sheba. Isn't it wonderful.
Thanks so much for sharing with us hun, we love it.

Tomorrow we will have the review of the last 9 days to show along with Day 49 because Day 50 is a special one. Be there or miss out on something great.

Have a wonderful evening ladies


Boo x

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Days 46 and 47 of 100 Freebies

Ok, ok, I missed yesterday....
But I ask you, what can you do when you have two children who just WON'T get off the pc.... lol
Still, I have have both of your goodies for today so hopefully, you'll forgive me?
Day 46 is this gorgeous duo of butterflies. You know by now that Butterflies are amoung my favourite things so naturally, you'll see me use them often. I love these quirky little guys with their wings turned at the corners. Hope you will too. You can grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

And of course we all need those cool little frames to wrap around our favourite photos don't we. Day 47 gives you two lovely silk and suede effect pretty frames with a ribbon laced through. You can grab them here or click the preview. Enjoy

We'll have more for you tomorrow with Day 48. Can you believe we are almost half way through our 100 Days of Freebies. hasn't it flown by. Don't forget, I have something special kined up for Day 50 so be sure to check in.

The Blossoms Competition

Now my girls have been super busy creating the most adorable goodies for you with their newest competition. They are SO lovely I have grabbed them all myself, hehe.

You can find out all about it over at Boo's Blossoms. I'm going to let you all into a little secret but DON't tell the Blossoms I told you, ok.... It will be worth your while to take part in this fantastic competition. Not only are the prizes super but the Blossoms have even more surprises up their sleeves..... oopppppssss, said too much, I'm gonna be hung out to dry hehe.

Have fun everyone. Thanks again for all your wonderful messages. I love them.


Boo x

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Day 45 of 100 Freebies

Wahooo..... Hope you all had a super Easter Break
For me, the children and Jay are still on school holidays, Elly for another week and Jay and Jess for two....eekkkk..... I can't get near the pc, lol
Well, I've been mad busy on the rare occasions I do get on here making my part of the SAS, CLD and DID April Mega Kits and WOWsers, you are going to love April. No sneak peeks though...hehe, you will have to wait until they are released.
On with todays goodies. I have for you this yummy little set of itsy bitsy flowers. These are fantastic for layering tons of flowers alng the edges of papers or photos or dotting one here and there. Add them to your swirlies to make gorgeous spring branches. You can grab them here or click the preview. Have fun.
Password is 100freebies

Be sure to pop on over to the Blossoms Blog

You'll find the Blossoms Blog Link in my side bar

Lois has some fantastic news of a new competition the Blossoms are hosting over there and let me tell you, I've had a sneaky peek at the prizes and they are totally LUSH. Before you go, grab my Spring Passion Sampler, you will need it hehe. Scroll on down a post or two to find it.

And to finish todays post, how about this awesome lo from Blossom 'Amy' called My Spring Promise' This is Amy's nephew and isn't he just the handsomest little guy. Amy used my Spring Passion kit to create this lo. You can still grab the kit at the sale price of 25% off over at SAS if you hurry. Sale ends on the 27th March

Ok, so I promised you a little hint about Day 50 of 100 hundred freebies. Lets just say I'm planning something special so be sure to keep checking in for hints on whats happening. Oh, I'm a wicked tease arn't I?!

Thats it for today folks. Thanks again for all your wonderful comments. Please keep them coming. They make my day

Hugs to all

Boo x

Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter Weekend Days 41 to 44 of 100 Freebies

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone.
I hope you all have a lovely time with family and friends and enjoy some R&R
A quick note to Reeny who left a comment on my 4shared. I hope you are feeling much better now hun and please don't worry about the links. The 100 Days of Freebies will stay up as will the link for the Ornamental Spring SAS Blog Party Kit for those of you on dial up so you'll have plenty of time to grab everything.
I thought today, since I just know I won't get a look in with the pc for the whole of the weekend, I'd share with you the whole weekends freebies but first, lets take a little look at what our last 10 days of Freebies added to the collection for you
Here is what you got for Days 31 to 40
4 papers, 1 QP, 1 Alpha and a total of 15 Elements. WOW, pretty cool huh!
Well, there is more to come....

Password is 100freebies
Toady I have yet another of my favourite elements. This gorgeous set of two paper-binders and half flowers. These always look so sweet clipped to the edge of your journal tags, clusters or photo frames and add that little touch of something special. You can grab them here or click the preview. Enjoy.

Saturdays Gifty is this lovely little ribboned cluster. I've included the elements in seperate png files for you too so you can choose how to add them to your lo's. Grab them here or click the preview. Have fun.

Sunday's Treat is this very 'Artsy' set of papers that would be perfect for doing those Oh so cool minimal lo's. You know the sort, with just one photo and perhaps some swirlies tucked underneath or a really BIG title. Grab them here or click the preview and let your imagination run riot with these.

For Easter Monday I have for you two sweet page fasteners. These are a must for any collection and I just know you'll find plenty of great uses for them. Grab them here or click the preview.
Be sure to come back on Tuesday for day 45 and a little 'hint' of whats to come. I know you're going to love it.
And to finish with today, I wanted to share with you these two fantastic lo's by our wonderful blossom Lois. She used her CT Appreciation Kit to create these lovely lo's to say Thank You to all the Designers who took part. Arn't they fab.

Don't forget, my 'Spring Passion' kit is still on sale with a great 25% off until the 27th March. Grab it now at this great price. Available at SAS
My 'Spring Passion' Sampler is still available too. Scroll down here a post or two or visit the SAS store where you can also grab it for free.
Next week, I'll have more wonderful lo's to share with you from our Fantastic blossoms and I believe Blossom Blog hostess 'Lois' is planning a brand new challenge (I'd better get working on something then hadn't I, lol) so be sure to check out the Blossoms Blog for news of that.

and thats about it from me for today. Thank you all for your wonderful comments both here and on 4shared which mean much more to me then you know. See you back here on Tuesday. Until then, have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
Boo x

Thursday, 20 March 2008

It's the first day of SAS~y Spring....

It's Official

Today is the First Day of Spring

Good Morning everyone. I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful first day of Spring. Well, I teased you long enough about this little secret hehe but today, I can reveal what that secret is.

SAS are having a Spring Blog Party

and YOU are invited
so hop on the SAS Blog train and grab yourself a whole Easter Basket full of Goodies.
As you can see from the preview above, this SAS Spring Kit is a Whoppa. It's literally filled to the brim with delicious goodies for you and we SAS~y Designers had such fun putting it together. We hope you love it as much as we do.
To grab each portion of this Gorgeous Kit, simply follow the Blog Train links included on each Designers Blog to take you to the next superlicious treat.
Here is my portion of 'Ornamental Spring'

Grab it here and here or click the preview. Enjoy Password is sasy

Please note Preview click will only give you elements link. For the papers you must click the typed second 'here' link. Thanks

Here's the Blog Train. Get on and grab a seat, You're in for a super ride but be sure to collect your 100 Days Day 40 Freebie First. You'll find it lower down today.

Darlene -

Candee (CanDesigns)-

Toye (ToyBoxDesigns)-

Terrell -

Kymm (Creative Chaos) -

Stella -

Beckie (lillypug34)

Heather (phreephorm) -

JenLin -

Sherah (Skrapper Digitals)

Julie C -

AneczkaW -

Hey, I forgot some fantastic news. We have TWO NEW Designers at SAS

I am so happy to announce that Beckie aka lillipug34 (who makes all my blinkies and banners) has joined us here at SAS and AneczkaW too. You are so going to love their Designs. Check out their blogs while you're on the Blog Train and enjoy some of the wonderful goodies they are offering over at SAS to say 'Hello'

We love you girls, so happy to have you with us.

And did you know that SAS have some of the BEST Challenges about?

Well we do and I'm not just saying that because I run one of them myself, lol. Just check out the fantastic freebie Gifties you can earn yourself just for taking part

This is my Posting Bonus for the SAS Colour Challenge. You get it just for entering your lo or mini kit to my challenge. Not only that but I made this challenge real easy.

I include this fab little Colour Challenge Kit that matches our March Colour theme perfectly. All you have to do is grab it free from the SAS store, create your lo and post it to the Colour Challenge Gallery. Simple yeah? We like it nice and easy at SAS. But, if you like something to get your teeth into, you can use ANY kit of your choice as long as the colours fit the theme, or why not have a go at creating a mini kit to share with our members? We cater for everyone, hehe.

Here are just some of our entries for this month. Arn't they fantastic! And Big thanks to our wonderful Lori for putting these gorgeous previews together for us.

Here's a look at some of the Challenge PB's we have for you at SAS

Element Challenge

Font Challenge

Freestyle Challenge

Impromptu Challenge

Quote Challenge

Self Challenge

SpotLight Challenge

Newsletter Challenge

Phew, and if thats not enough for you, there's more including our fantastic Heritage Challenges and even one run by my own Blossom 'Aldercreek' which is great fun so be sure to pop on over to SAS and check it all out. You won't be sorry.

On with our 100 Freebies

And today is Day 40 ~ Password is 100freebies

Can you believe we are at Day 40 already?? Where does the time fly?

Today I have for you these pair of beautiful sheer bows. I just love how deliate they are.

You can grab them here or click the preview. Have fun. We'll have Day 41 and our review of the last 10 days tomorrow so be sure to come back and grab yours to add to your collection.

Spring Passion Layouts
I just had to finish with these gorgeous layouts my Blossoms have done using my Brand New Kit 'Spring Passion' available at SAS with 25% off for this week only

This is 'My little Chickadee' by my CT leader 'Melinda'

Isn't she just adorable

And this is 'Alana' by our wonderful Blossoms Blog Hostess 'Lois'
Love that cute little bunny and chick, how sweet is that?!
Heres Alana enjoying a great time with her Easter Eggs
Thanks so much girls. We love your ART
And finally, I wanted to show off our Blossom 'Diane's' latest lo for us.
'Friends' was created using pieces from the 100 Freebies
Isn't this wonderful. What a great treasure to remember for the future.
Thank you Di, we love it.

Wow, what a busy but great day. Its not over yet. Go grab your seat on the SAS Blog Train and gather your treasures along the way. Have the best fun and I'll see you all back here tomorrow.

Race ya to the train.........


Boo x