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Thursday, 29 May 2008

WOWsers, thanks so much......

I'm overwhelmed with all the fantastic comments I've revieved both here and on 4shared for my 100 Days of Freebies. Thank you all so so much. I will be popping over to visit blogs and leaving some love for all of you who sent me messages and lo's, thank you all for that, wonderful, and for those of you who tagged me, I'll do my best to get to them as I can.

It is kind of sad to see it end but I sure hope we went out on top and not with a whimper, lol.
All the linkd are now CLOSED. Thank you everyone who downloaded and especially those who left comments. The kit will now be collated and will soon be in store so if you missed it, you'll still be able to grab it at a bargain price soon.
Now, its on to new things and as I've been saying for some time, there is a lot in the pipeline.
My first DSO Kit on Sale
Today. I wanted to pop in and let you all know that I have my very first brand new product at my new store at DSO and for one week only its on special offer at 25% off the normal retail price so for those of you who like a bargain, and lets face it, which of us doesn't, lol, be sure to pop on over there asap and grab it while its on offer.
Its the first of lots of new products to come. I hope you enjoy. What do you think of the new preview look?? You can find it here.

The Boo'Licious Heart Shaped Mini BragBook Album with additional Journal Pages.

While you're there, make sure you check out all the gorgeous new products and the fantastic new Designers Bunny has. What a buzzing place to be. Wohooooooo!

I'll have more things to share from Monday. Gotta get the kids and Jay back to school first, hehe. You know how it is, Boo doesn't get a look-in with the pc when everyone else is home from school.
Soooooo, for the moment I'm enjoying a little time off and catching up with things like housework (graon) and concerts (yayyyyy). Last night I went to see the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) with Jay at Manchester Uniteds Football Ground. OMG, it was the BEST show I've ever been to. Bruce was on fire and even the rain didn't stop every one of us enjoying his fantastic show. What a star that man and his band are. SUPERB.

Well, thats all for now ladies. I'll see you all Monday for a little add on treat to go with my Brand New Kit 'Boo'Licious so be sure to pop back then.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Boo x

Thursday, 22 May 2008

OMG... It's Fianlly Arrived.... DAY 100

*Edit* A few lovely little birdies tell me I'm missing some zips. Please don't worry, I'll hunt them down tomorrow (Its after 1am now, lol) and upload them again for you all so come back and grab them then. Thanks little birdies, mwahhh*
Ok.... I believe ALL of the zips are now available (including 34, lol) so enjoy your goodies.
Drum Roll Please.......

Ta tah ta ta tahhhhhhhh....

We made it to Day 100, Wohoooooooo!

This has been an awesome journey for me. I've learned such a lot along the way and made some super friends too. I've loved each and every comment and have gotten to know many of you so well.

Thank you ALL for making this special Blog Event such a joy to run. My Grandad would have loved this so so much.

So, before we get to the biggest Freebie Give-away EVER, let me just give you all a heads up on whats to come in the future at BooLand.

As you all know, my Blossoms and I have been dropping HUGE hints about great things going on behind the scenes, hehe, you all know how I love to tease....

I can now reveal part of the BIG Happenings at BooLand

I made the Design Team at DSO

Yayyyyyy! I'm going to be working alongside

the Fab KimB and Bunny Wunny

I can't wait to get started.

I have a whole stack of brand new products ready to go into the store and a brand new product preview look too so keep watching this space for info of my New Store Opening.

There is one more BIG BIG thing going on behind the scenes at BooLand BUT I can't tell you what that is just yet. Its going to be a few more weeks but its going to be AWESOME.

SAS News. I'm having a whole week of sales at my SAS Store with a huge 50% off all my goodies except CU items so be sure to head on over there and grab yourselves some super bargains.

Also, the SAS Mega Kit has hit the store shelves and its GORGEOUS so be sure to check it out here. Its on special offer for only $4.95

Here's a preview of my bit

Here is the link for this weeks SASy Newsletter. Grab it cause its got goodies in it, hehe.

Ok, Lets get on with what you've all been waiting for....
DAY 100 is finally here

How to grab your 100 Days of Goodies.

I have decided to make available for ONE WEEK ONLY the ENTIRE 100 Days FILES so if you missed any, nows your chance to grab them ALL

Including Todays Massive Haul.

Check it out below. Today you get ALL these goodies

Grab everything here or click the preview and ENJOY

Tha password is 100freebies

If you've been collecting as you go along and already have up to Day 99, simply scroll to the bottom of the 4shared folder where you will find ALL of todays goodies ready for downloading

If a password is required on individual files its 100freebies

*Please, please, please, Don't share the links, send your friends here instead. Thank you all so so much.*

The Stone Accents Sale will be held for One Whole Week from May 22nd to May 28th (yes, I know the coupon reads 1 Day but its for the whole week so enjoy. Just click the Store name and it will take you directly to my SAS store.)

After that.... The entire 100 Days Collection will be heading to my stores and will not be returning to the Blog so PLEASE grab it while you can.

Todays Goodies include

One Whole Week of Sales at my SAS Store

50% Off

One complete kit including Alpha

One set of Png Layered Borders for you to mix and match as you wish

I complete Quick Page Album + 1 Bonus QP

and One Full to the Brim Grab Bag

Whats in the Bag???

Check it out.......

Phew....... You guys are going to need a break after all this too I think. LOL

I hope you enjoyed collecting this kit as much as I did making it. I'd love to see what you do with it so please send me your creations.

Not that I need to remind anyone but please remember, this collection is for Personal Use Only. Please read my TOU included with each file.

Ok, This is it ladies (and gents). I'm officiall taking some time off but don't worry. I'll be back soon with lots of new and exciting goodies for you all and hey, who knows, perhaps there will be another Mega Blog Event to look forward to at some point.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for news of my Brand New DSO Store opening soon and of course, please check out my Color Challenge at SAS and see whats new at CLD, we are doing paper scraps now, how cool....

Well, thats it for today, was it enough for ya, lol.

Have a wonderful day full of wishes come true.

See you all soon


Boo and the Blossoms


Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Day 99......

Its Day 99 and its almost completed.
Here's todays goody for you. Some gorgeous sloppy joe ribbons and some gorgeous paper flowers/ Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

So, lets take a nostalgic look back over the last 100 Days and see just how big this kit became, lol.

Day 1 to 10

Day 11 to 20

Day 21 to 30

Day 31 to 40

Day 41 to 49

Day 51 to 60
Day 61 to 70
Day 71 to 80

I lost the preveiw for Days 81 to 90 but I'm sure if you scroll back enough you'll find it, lol

Day 91 to 99

and this was our half way mark. Day 50

Wowserssssssss. Can you believe we made it this far? Are you ready for one more Whoppa of a Day? Tomorrows treats promise to be the biggest giveaway EVER on a blog in one day so don't miss it. See you back here for the biggest fun yet.


Boo x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Its nearly over...... awwwwwwww

I sooooooooo don't want this Blog event to end that I'm dragging my feet, lol. We can't have that now can we....LOL.
Thanks everyone for all your messages re my weekend. It turned out to be a lovely quiet one in the end, haha. Those delightful folk ran like the wind when they saw me pick up the phone, wahaha. So funny really as I could have been phoning the speaking clock for all they new.... Hmmmm, me thinks they do protest to much...??
Anyway, lets get on with our goodies. Since I missed yesterdays as Elly was home from school poorly and I had a ton of work to do, its here today. These cute little heart charm bows would be perfect for all those lovely baby lo's don't you think? Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

and for today I have these lush pinned ribbons for you. Aren't they cool. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

*Sorry I messed the password up, lol, but you guys know it by now, right. Anyway, its correct now. Thanks Linda for letting me know, mwah*

Have fun

Hey I was tagged by Jessica

Oh, I love being tagged, hehe, so here are the rules and my answers along with my choice of tags. It wasn't easy either but I'm only allowed 7 so there you go....

Here's what I need to do then..*lol*1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog .

Wow, facts about me? Are you sure you're ready for this, LOL...

Okay here are my 7 facts...

1. I'm a closet Goth. I'd like to 'come out' but I'm way too old to get away with the panda eyes and black lace, lol.

2. I'm a HUGE 'Cure' fan and back in my younger days even wrote a rather popular fanzine for them called 'The Curse' We even had our own Cure comic strip which an artist created for me.

3. I love to watch great old classics with stars like Cary Grant and Bette Davis. They don't make 'em like they used to....

4. If I could have a One to One with anyone it would be with Ramses11. He fascinates me. I'd love to know the real story behind the world first ever Peace Treaty between Egypt and the Hittites.

5. I have Dyslexia, as you can probably tell LOL and spell check doesn't always work because it still looks 'wrong' to me hahaha. It doesn't hinder me though. I'm grateful for all my life's blessings.

6. I am constantly in awe of our beautiful Planet and the whole of the cosmos, it's size, its mystery, it blows me away in a good way.

7. I had my 15 minutes, well, 1 hour actually, of fame two years ago when my mum and I were chosen for an Extreme Makeover UK. I got to meet and make some wonderful new friends who I love to bits but...... and its a BIG but..... I'd urge anyone thinking they 'need' something like this to make their worlds perfect to think carefully. I nearly lost my Mum during surgery and recovery and the surgeries we underwent have not worked and left us both badly scared so PLEASE be careful. What you see on tv is about 5 inches of makeup and some serious under-padding. Having said all that, it was an experience of a lifetime and in many ways I'm glad we did it for that alone.

So.... That's my 7 facts hehe. Now for my tags. Here we go.

KimB has long been my biggest source of inspiration in this field and her sense of humour is second to none. I love this gal. She ALWAYS brings a smile to my face and is the sweetest person I know here in DigiLand. Kim, you're tagged hun....

WOW, what can I say about Bunny, fearless leader of DSO? She has to be one of the most awesome, funny, down to earth people I have come to know. Nothing seems too much trouble for Bunny. She's a perfectionist in the best possible way. She wants YOU to have the best and I love that about her. Plus, have you spent time reading her blog?? Honestly, this girl has me in stitches with her life goings on. Bunny, thanks for the daily belly laughs. Its the best medicine

Kirsty doesn't know me from Adam, lol, but over the last year or so, I feel like I've really got to know her and her wonderful family. She's an amazing photographer, writes a really fun Blog and is an awesome Mum to Bella. The bonus for me is that she's a fellow Brit and lives very close by me so if I need a photographer for any reason, guess who I'll be calling.... Kirsty, you're a true inspiration for life values. Thank you for sharing all your lifes ups and downs with us and teaching us how to be better for it. Your're tagged and a kiss for Bella.

Linda is such a sweet lovely lady. A regular BooLand visitor and over time she's become a real friend to us in BooLand. Linda, we love gotteing your messages and lo's and hey girl, one of these days, I'll be popping over for a brew so keep that kettle on the boil, hehe. You're tagged

What can I say about Megan 'Flerg'? She IS the Glitter Queen of Digiland and we all know I love my bling right lol. More then this, Megan goes out of her way to help you get things working with her her goodies, she's on the ball when it comes to giving advice on how best to use her fab styles and she makes awesome goodies. She's my top Glitter Girl and totally Flerg-a-licious. Megan hun, you are so tagged...

Pam's beautiful Blog and Designs always have me drooling. She's such a sweetheart and its always a pleasure to visit her little space and see what goodies she has on offer. A real inspiration. Thanks Pam, you're tagged.
and finally, how could I not tag my own fabulous Blossoms, hehe. Each and every one of them are stars in my book and I would not be where I am today if it were not for thier awesome support and dedication so girls, you are all tagged, hehehe

And Jessica, thank you so much for tagging me. Its such fun to do thes little things and it gives me something to write hahahaha.

Its almost over......

Awwwwww, its flown by so quickly hasn't it. Its hard to believe that tomorrow is day 99. I'm going to be pretty sad when its all over. Its been such fun and its been fantastic getting to know my lovely Bloggies that bit better.
I will be taking a 'little' break when its over. Don't worry, just a little one, as I have some huge projects coming up...... hehehehe...... still not telling...... yet.....
Keep your eyes peeled. All will be revealed VERY soon
Until tomorrow, Have a wonderful day and keep smiling, it makes you feel better.
Boo x

Friday, 16 May 2008

Your weekend Goodies

Oh my Lord. What a to-do I've had this evening. Honestly, theres a lot to be said for living in the centre of town. No transport problems, everythings just a stones throw etc but..... I have the unfortunate delight of having a small private club that literally backs onto my garden and during the summer, they throw open the fire escape doors and all stand out there drinking away and looking right in at me busy working away at my old pc. It drives me crazy, but tonight there were a whole bunch of them stood out there, throwing the fag ends in my garden, shouting and swearing and screaching like girls do on a night out then they started yelling some pretty nasty stuff at me.
Well, I'm not usually one to have my feathers ruffled but I won't stand for abuse in my own home, so I politely asked them to desist, as you do.... and you can imagine the replies I got, right, including threats to come over and smash my face in (what a delightful girl, her parents must be so proud???) so..... I warned them..... they didn't listen...... but the police did..... That shut them up good n proper..... They ran faster then Lewis Hamilton in a fast car, lol. Come round and smash my face indeed. Hmmmphh. I think not young lady, I paid good money for this face, lol
Anyway, alls quiet in BooLand thankfully and I can enjoy watching the stars and cooking up some new design in peace, hehe so..... lets see what we have for the weekend.
Today I have these two gorgeous heart charm ribbon fasteners for you. Arn't they adorable. Use them to hold your photos in place or journaling tags, oh there are so many things you could do. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies Enjoy

For Saturday I have this lovely little bouquet for you. We don't get flowers nearly enough do we so I made some for all of you. grab them here or click the preveiw. Password is 100freebies Enjoy

And for Sunday I have a whole bag of goodies. These supper little tag holders and some lush beads for you. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies Have fun

So I'll see you all on Monday for some more of our fab 100 Days of Freebies
Have a wonderful weekend
Boo x

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Another Day Another Goodie.....

OMG..... I nearly did it again. I've been at the pc since 7am and its now just gone 1am and I still nearly forgot my blog, lol. It just goes to show when I get stuck in how everything else disappears. As KimB would say, I've been having one of those 'blonde' days today and I'm not even blonde, hehe. Ok, before I finally go to bed, and believe me, I sure am ready for my bed today, ha, I'd better get this goody to you or I'll be for the high jump....!
today I have this cute set of shiny acrylic stars for you, some singles and a couple of clusters. Use them as photo corners or sparkle up your lo with tons of them in different sizes etc. Loads of possibilities. Grab them here or click the preview. Have fun. The password is 100freebies

Oh dear me, Sharon, I am so so sorry I got things wrong. What was I thinking??? Nope, don't answer that hehe. For those of you who don't know, I showed a gorgeous lo yesterday and said it was by my Blossom Trudie but it wasn't. It was from our fab Blog reader, Sharon. Sharon pops in most if not every day to catch up and ALWAYS leaves me a lovely message. Thank you so much hun, for all your sweet messages and for your fab lo which we love.

And who was it suggested equal rights and a hundred days for my Grandmother, lol..... I'm taking a LONG holiday after this little lot hahaha but hey, ya never know whats just around the corner in BooLand so....... Watch this space!

Now, I am off to bed so I'll see you all tomorrow (and I promise to try and get tomorrows goody up nice and early) so until then, have a wonderful day and thank you all for your super messages.

Big Hugs

Boo x

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Catch Up Time....

Hey, how'd that happen??? Where'd yesterday go??? LOL.
Helloooooooooo Everyone, YUP, Guilty as charged, I 'forgot' my poor old blog. Not on purpose. I was sooooo busy all day and for some weird reason I got the notion I'd already done it so off I toddled to bed. Opppppps.... Am I forgiven??
Well, I'd better get these goodies out to you then hadn't I, hehe. Ok, first up, yesterdays little pack is this sweet collection of itty bitty flower charms. use them to pin your photos, decorate other elements or shower your paper with pretty sprinkles of them. You can grab them here or click the preview above. Have fun. Password is 100freebies
And for today, some more lush shiny swirlies. You can use these as photo pins or place them in the corner of your paper to add a little sparkle and dimension to your lo's. Enjoy. Grab them here or click the preview above. Password is 100freebies
I just had to share with you a couple of lo's my blossoms did for me for my birthday. This one is from Blossom Lynn 'LynnCal' using my Emerald Birthstone kit. Awww hun, I totally love it. Thank you so so much.
Isn't that a lovely thing to say about me, my gals sure are the best.

And this sparkling beauty is from our lovely Trudie. I just love it. Thank you sweetie so so much. It was such a joy to get so many wonderful messages here, on 4shared and in my mailbox. Boy, I've been on a high ever since, hehe.
And I reciveve this gorgeous lo from Blog reader Theresa using my Mommy Dearest kit (still available for a little while longer) Theresa hun, this was such a treat to get. Its beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We LOVE it.
Well my friends, its time for me to go so I'll see you all again tomorrow with yet another goody from the 100 Days of Freebies.

Take care


Boo x

Friday, 9 May 2008

WoHooooo, Thank you all......

OMG, I can't believe all the fantastic Birthday messages I've recieved. You ladies totally RAWK... Thank you all so so much for making my day a truly super one.
Kimmy, girlfriend, as far as I'm concerned, you've the voice of an angel. You can sing your head off as loud as you like hun, its good for me.
Did I mention the volume on this old pc is broken????? Wahaha
Honestly ladies, you've all blown me away with such wonderful messages. Its my pleasure to bring you my little gifts. It makes me happy knowing you enjoy them. So, once again a HUGE BIG Thank YOU!
Ok, it's Friday, yayyyyyy so today I have the whole weekend of goodies for youbecause as you know, weekends are family time. That means I don't get a look in where the pc is concerned, lol. WOW, this will take us up to Day 90, Holy smoke, can you believe that?! Only 10 more days to go....
Todays goodies include this set of papers which should complete the blues nicely. I love the cloudy texture of the solid paper and the delicate feel to the patterned paper. Hope you like. Grab them here or click the preview. Enjoy. the password is 100freebies

For Saturday I have this super little set of gorgeous acrilyc swirlies. I love swirlies. They add so much to a lo don't you think? Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

and for Sunday, this set of four adorable acrilyc photo frames decorated with some gorgeous word art and florals. Yummy. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies Have fun.

So, lets take a quick look back over the last 10 days and see what we've managed to add to our stash. Geesh.... we have papers galour, papers flowers, frames, bows and knots and swirlies. What....?.... there's more to come...?..... YUP, see you Monday for the start of our final leg of this mega 100 Days of Freebies.

Happy Mothers Day

Since I won't be here on Sunday I wanted to get this little Mothers day gift to you now. The Blossoms and I wish all you Mom's and Grandmothers out there a very special Happy Mothers Day. You can grab part one of Mommy Dearest here. Password is always

and you can grab part 2 of this sweet kit over on the Blossoms blog here.
Have fun and again, Have a wonderful Mothers Day.
For Sherah, a wonderful Mother
I know this is a Happy time for most Mom,s but I'd like to ask your indulgance on a rather sad note if I may.
I'm dedicating this little gift to my very dear freind Sherah. You'll know her as SkrapperDigitals. Sadly Sherah lost her little Angel to a miscarraige recently and she and her family are, as you can imagine, having a hard time, but typically this wonderful lady has somehow managed to use this time to create a lasting memory for her treasure. Please visit Sherahs blog here. Every download of her beautiful memorial kit is a prayer for her and her family and for her little Angel, Addison Engal Krann
(Kisses to you little one)
I know she will appreciate all your prayers and healing thoughts right now.
Thanks everyone. The Blossoms and I wish you a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.
take care and hugs
Boo x