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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas and A Happy Kwanzaa too...

Christmas Eve Freebies...
Oh how exciting, it's officially Christmas Eve here in BooLand UK and I'm like a kid in a Toy Shop. LOL.... We kicked off the holidays with my 12 year old neice, Holly's birthday party which was a blast. Holly's Mum, April and Aunty Tracey (My Sisters) dressed as the Christmas dinner, I kid you not.... April was the Turkey and Tracey the Christmas Pud. I nearly split my sides laughing. Hopefully, my nephews will post me the you tube link they got of the action soon so you can all have a good laugh with me, hehehe.
Elly dressed as Darth Vader, bless..... which impressed all the boys and left the girls in dismay hehe. Most of the girls were dressed as pretty fairies or angels but not our Elly, you'll not catch her in a dress.... My sister Margi entertained us all with her version of Rudolph, hmmmmm, hehehehe, it was 'interseting'?! I hid under the table along with mum and Margi's older children, Jenni and Bob. We at least had some sense. April and Tracey were not quite so lucky and got dragged up to 'harmonise'. OMG, do I actually 'know' these people wahhhhhwahaha!
Well, ASDA (Walmart uk style) just opened its doors at 1 miute past midnight so I am off to give Santa a helping hand with Elly's stocking fillers. Then Jay is dragging himself up at 4am to go to Tesco's to finish the Christmas food shop. Lucky me gets to lie in bed and get waited on over Christmas. Not only is he doing the shopping, he's cooking dinner AND washing up after.Oh for the sweet life... hehe. It brings to mind an old Christmas song, 'I wish it could be Christmas Every Day', you bet I do, hehe.
I wanted to leave you with a little treat before I take my Christmas leave and wish you all a Wonderful Holiday Season. Thank you one and all, for your wonderful support over the past year and for all those truly up-lifting comments you leave me. You guys know I'm a sucker for a kind word, hehe.
I wish you all you wish for yourselves and more. May next year see all your wishes come true and when you have a moment or two to spare, I'd love for you to stop by and visit with me. Don't forget to stop by DID for some last minute Christmas Eve goodies. Trust me, you guys are in for a treat.

So, without futher ado, here are my little gifts for you. The first is a DID Colour Challenge mini Kit. Yeah, I know I did the wrong colour challenge, this is the first one, hehe, but hey, its Christmas and I'm running behind with everything. I'll catch up..... I hope?! LOL. You'll find the link here Sorry, you missed it

And the second is for all those of you who celebrate Kwanzaa. Here's the links for you. Kwanzaa1 and Kwanzaa2. I wish you joy and peace at this very special time of year. Sorry, you missed it

Enjoy, have fun and come and visit soon. Love to you all and a special hug for my wonderful Blossoms. You guys have been doing an awesome job. Thank you all so much. We'll see you all in the New Year. Mwahhhhhhhhhhh.

Boo x

Monday, 17 December 2007

It's time for the SAS-iest Blog Party ever.....FREEBIES

It's finally here. The SAS-y Blog Party of the year.

I promised you all some SAS-y Christmas fun and Oh Boy, do we have lots of it lined up for you all with tons of wonderful freebies. Don't forget as you go Carolling around the SAS-y Designers Blogs to check out all the Designer Contest entries over at our SAS home too. You'll find some amazing kit entries there just waiting for you to grab.

Ok, without futher ado, please join me in a little Winter Wonderland fun with my portion of the great SAS-y Carol GiveAway....

Winter Wonderland Alpha

Winter Wonderland Papers

Winter Wonderland Elements
Sorry, you missed it

Once you've grabbed it, knock on the door and see who's singing your favourite Carols.

Who's behind the Door singing Carols just for you?.....

and here are the rest of the links for those of you who need a quick fix hehe....

SKrapperDigitals, Darlene, Terrell, JasJul and Candee

Keep checking back for the other SAS Designers as they will be posting goodies along the way too.

Have fun and tell all your freinds to pop on over. We have an 'Open Door' Policy today and you're all invited.

Big hugs and have a very magical Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

Boo x

P.S. Please don't forget that we are all on different Time Zones so some links may not yet be up. Please be patient and pop back. They are so worth the effort. Thanks, mwhaaaaaa x

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Introducing My Team, and a Mega Freebie......

Finally, I made it. Phew, its been a very busy time for me but I finally got my team together and what a team they are.Please help me to welcome all our Blossoms to BooLand.

It was very hard to choose from the tons of wonderful applicants, soooooo much harder then I'd expected. I wish I'd been able to take everyone but of course, that just wasn't possible so for those of you who didn't make the team this time round, thank you all so very much for applying and, as my fellow Designer at SAS is always saying, 'Keep shooting for the moon, you may land amoungst the stars' and is there any place better?

Here they are, my...

Booland Blossoms

Help me celebrate....

To help me celebrate the begining of this amazing journey and to welcome my wonderful team of Blossoms I've designed a brand new kit dedicated to them and for the next two weeks, I'm giving it to all of you for free, yup, FREE for the next two weeks but hurry, grab it while you can because after two weeks it goes to store. Check out Boo's Blossoms

This kit has 24 Gorgeous papers in rich colours, textures and beautiful gold filigree as well as over 50 fabulose elements that will bring to life any lo.

Enjoy and thank you all for helping me celebrate this wonderful occasion. Please let the team know how happy we are to have them with us.

Hehehe, come on, you all know I'm a tease right? Did you think I'd make it that easy??? You'll have to read through the post to find the link for this kit. Gotta get my kicks somehow now don't I?! Don't worry, I promise not to make it toooooooo hard, hehehehehe.....

Blinkie Winners

Yeah............. We have our Blinkie Winners. Please give a big round of appluse to Bobbie and Donna for their gorgeous entries.

Bobbie created not one but two FAN Blinkies which I just loved as soon as I saw them. Lucky for me, Elly, who chose the winners, loved them too. You can grab them here.

And Donna made just the most adorable sig Blinkie which I will be sporting in all my sigs from now on. You can grab it here.

Well done girls. Your coupons are on their way to you as we speak. I hope you both enjoy your prize.

A BIG thank you to everyone that took part. What a lot of talent you guys have.


The Blossoms and I will be on the look out for blogs sporting our Blinkies and throwing some RAKs your way so be sure to grab and display your BooLand Blinkies ASAP

Grand Opening at Do It Digi

We are having a Grand opening over at DID with the most amazing gifts and special offers going. All of the Designers will be hosting a special CHAT there too, including me, where you can chat to us, get to know us and hey, who knows, maybe even pick up some extra goodies along the way so be sure to pop on over there and register to be in with a chance of picking up some super dooper treats. I happen to know that there are going to be some rather wonderful Christmas treats in store for you all too so don't delay, get on over there and enjoy the festivities. To register go here.

I'll be bringing you more information on the DID chat as soon as I have them. Wendy is just fine tuning things to accomodate time zones so keep checking back. This is one thing you won't want to miss.


Woah.... there are soooo many cool things going on over at CLD with a host of utterly fantastic new Designers filling the store with lush goodies, great challenges and check out the Galleries for some amazing talent and inspiration. I'm loving my time with Kellie and the team. They're such a fun bunch of gals and I want to buy all of store, its that yummy. Head on over there and check it out for yourselves. You never know, you might find some treats while your there, hehehe. Be sure to register here to enjoy all the benifits of CLD. Its FREE and takes just a minute to fill in the form, how hard is that folks??

SAS-y Designer Contest

Now you all know I love my SAS-y gals. I've been with SAS and Julie since the begining, in fact, from its conception, lol, and I love how its growing and developing. It really is a great place to hang your hat.

Right now, we are in the middle of an amazing Designer Contest and its just floored me the level of quality, artistry and dedication these new Designer Hopefuls have shown. You can check out round three of the contest here and to download all of the FREE kits, just pop along and register here. Its that simple. Be sure to vote for your favourite designs and soon, very soon, we should have 4 new Designers join our happy family.

Don't forget to check out our SAS-y Designers Blogs. As usual, the SAS-y Girls have got some awesome treats for you.

Let's spread some Christmas Love

Remember Miracle on 34th Street?

Now, I usually have too much to do to be able to sing the praises of Designers who are not from the forums I'm in but I have to shout about this lady (yes Kim, I use the term 'Lady with reserve, lol)

KimB of DSO

Why am I shouting about Kim? Well, even though she supports South Africas Rugby team and they beat us in the final I forgive her for this transgression because I LOVE this lady's talent and more importantly, her enthusiasm. She positively BEAMS fun and laughter and thats something to shout about, wouldn't you agree? Nothing ever seems to phase Kim. She's always so chipper and cheeky in the nicest way that its a joy to visit her blog and DSO for her Colour Challenge, which as you guys know, I love doing. So, KIM, thank you for being an inspiration to me. Keep smiling and making us laugh. You make the world a brighter place.

Ok, she'll be going mad now that I've gushed, hehehe but I think just because we are not on the same team doesn't mean we can't appreciate anothers talent and the fun they bring to the community.

Kim's just released her December Grab Bag which you can check out here. I'm not going to tell you whats in it but lets just say, I have it and its FANTASTIC so go grab it while its on sale.

My Blossoms show it off...

Now, before I go, what do you mean, thank goodness? I say, the I want to share with you some of the fantastic lo's my Blossoms have created for me using my Winter Moon Kit which you can get over at SAS, CLD and DID. A little secret for ya'll. DID are soon to be having a GRAND OPENING SALE so keep that in mind, wink wink......

Diane, Claudette and Christina

Amy, Aldercreek and Sharpli

Petra, Pam and Lois

Erika and Lea

Just a small selection of the awesome talent these girls have.

That's all for now folks. Be sure to come back soon for tons more goodies.

Oh..............OK, you can grab the Blossoms kit here, (Sorry Folks, you missed it this time but you can grab it at my stores for a real cool price)hehehe. Password is mygirls Have fun and be sure to grab all of the zips. It wasn't that hard was it, lol.

Big hugs
Boo and the Blossoms xxx

Friday, 7 December 2007

A Quick UpDate

Hi everyone.

I just wanted you to know I havn't forgotten its the 7th today and I'm meant to be announcing my CT team and the winners of my Blinkie competition.

I've been snowed under with various things and trying to pull it all together so it makes some kind of sense for you all, not an easy job, lol.

What I can tell you is that I now have my CT team. I'm just getting things organised with them and I'll be making that announcement VERY soon. Thank you to everyone who applied. WOW, I was amazed by the response and the fantastic work. It was great to be able to look through so many Galleries and blogs etc. I have to admit, this was the hardest job i've had to do in a long time. The standards were so high and everyone so lovely but decisions had to be made. If only I could have had you all, I'm such a greedy gal.

We also have a winner, well, 2 actually for our Blinkie Competition. I'll be contacting them as soon as I get their prize sorted, a choice of any kit from my store. Thank you again to everyone who entered. I wanted to keep you all but that would'nt have been fair. I got Elly to choose the winners for me and I think she chose wonderfully. You'll be seeing those winners here very very soon so keep your eyes open for that.

Don't forget that Round 2 of the SAS-y Designer contest is now in full swing and I've seen som awesome kits already. These are all available for you to download free so get on over to SAS and join up now for a mega feast of awesome freebies.

I'll be back on Monday with some Fantastic news about Do It Digi as well as a host of gorgeous layouts from the super SAS store CT team. Those girls are so cool.

Christmas is all wrapped up at your local SAS-y Blogs

Check out the SAS-y Designers blogs while you're about. I happen to know one or three of them have some fan-dabbi-doozey goodies there just waiting to be grabbed. Need a clue, try SKrapper, Lisa West and Candee for starters and then there's Terrell , PillowGirl and DigiTreats. Oh, did I mention JulieO and Darlene too and even though PhreePhorm has been having a tough time with the loss of her dear pet dog and a very naughty pute too she still manages a little treat for you all. Hmmmm..... naughty me! I have nothing today. Guess I'll just have to make it up to ya'll next time huh?!

Hey, only if you're real good. hehehehehehe

Be back soon so hang in. The news is ALL good at BooLand

Hugs and have a wonderful Weekend
Boo x

p.s. Oh go on then, you can have One night in Bethlehem for a little while longer.... ;0)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Happy Hanukkah Folks

I hope you're all enjoying your special celebrations. I have a little gift for you to show off all those holiday photos. Enjoy

Don't forget folks. AmyW's One Night in Bethlehem ends on the 7th so grab it while you can. There really are some tremendous pieces in this huge mega kit. All of the Designers that took part did an awesome job and I was homoured to be a part of it.

Other news. I will have more for you in a day or two so keep your ears and eyes open... hehe, you oughta know by now I love teasin'......


Boo x
Sorry, you missed it

Hanukkah Alpha

Hanukkah Elements 1

Hanukkah Elements 2

Hanukkah Papers

Sunday, 2 December 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...with yet another Freebie!


It's BooLands favourite time of year and there is nothing I like better then to give lots of Christmas Cheer and pressies.

First I want to thank all my wonderful blog fans for your super support during my first couple of weeks as Designer at SAS. You are the real STARS and I'm so grateful to you all for everything.
Cher, you left me some lovely comments so a BIG thank you hun. Email me for a little treat at booboo6204 at hotmail dot co do uk

In future, I plan to choose one random blog fan who leaves a message here in my comments box or chat box to recieve a special little gift from me so be sure to leave some love. It really does make BooLand glow.

My Latest Kit
Though you might all like a little peek at my latest kit to hit the stores. It's a re-vamp on an old favourite, Lilac Smiles. This kit has had a major Extreme makeover and is filled to the brim with new goodies. You can get it here, here and here. (It will be in store at SAS very soon)


Time is running out for entries into my Blinkie Comp so if you love to make blinkies (or Banners for that matter) check out my Blinkie Comp post here for details on whats required and post your entries to booboo6204 at hotmail dot co dot uk ASAP. 2 lucky winners get to choose a kit from my SAS store

My BooLand Blossoms.

I want to apologise to all the entries as I havn't yet had time to contact you all. As you'll see, I've been super busy but I am going through all the applications and you WILL hear from me very soon. I must say, I've been overwhelmed by the response and amazing quality of work you ladies have done. This has been much harder then I expected but such a delight to see all your wonderful work and read all your stories. In fact, its been a real privilage, thank you so much for inviting me to glipse your worlds. For those of you who would like the chance to join my team, please check out the post here with all the ct info and give it a shot. You still have just a little time but hurry, this must close soon.

Some wonderful news for all you Freebie Hunters!

I heard today from Selena and she's back, Hurrrrraaaayyyyyyyy. Whats more she has some HAPPY news for you so get on over to her blog and chck it out. Be sure to let her know I sent you and leave her lots of love. This lady is AWESOME and she's been terribly missed. Lets all let her know how happy we are to have her back with us.

Selena, thank you so much for your messages. I don't want to give your news away but I left you comments on your blog. WELCOME HOME HONEY

AmyW's One Night In Bethlehem

Don't forget that AmyW's 'One Night in Bethlehem' MEGA collaberation kit is still available until the 7th December. Scroll down for the links to my part of this awesome collection and the blogroll for all the other participating Designers. Believe me, I've grabbed every piece of the kit and its FANTASTIC so grab it while you can. It's our way of saying Thank You to our wonderful Bloggers.

You just have to check out the SAS-y Designer Contest Entries. What an amazing group these ladies are. It's been so so hard to choose which we like the best. For your chance to vote for your favourite and grab all the kits for free be sure to pop on over to SAS and register. It's free to register and opens the door to an avalanche of fun and frolics so hurry on over and get a piece of the action.

Round 2 is now open so check out the requirements here and get your entries in. The theme for Round 2 is Religious/secular celebrations of the season but do not include New Years so Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc. Lots there to get the creative juices flowing and don't forget, all entries will be available for registered SAS-y Scrappers to download free so be sure to register for your chance to grab these fantastic entries.

SAS-y Festive Blog Plans

Sadly, Our lovely Phreephorm SAS-y Lady has been having horrible problems with a pc thats even naughtier then mine so I am not sure as yet what the plans are for our SAS-y Carol Service during this festive season. Whatever happens, I know all the SAS-y Designers have some wonderful treats up their sleeves for you over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye open. Meanwhile, please do pop on over to Phreephorms blog and let her know you're thinking of her. For a Designer, pc trouble is the worst kind and its upset her a lot. We miss you girl.


Is having a Bingo Fest over at her other forum RakScraps. Check out her blog for more info on this brilliant game and here's what you could win....

Wonderful News at BooLand

First of all, can you believe it. I've been published. WaHooooooooo. ScrapStreet Magazine have chosen me for their December issue Digital Discovery. You can check it out here.

And while you're there, why not read through the rest of this fun-packed and informative magazine. It's a treasure trove of information and ideas for Digi Scrappers of all levels.

Secondly, I have two new stores. I'm so happy to announce that you can now find my Designs at the Fabulous ColorLineDesigns and DoItDigi.

ColorLineDesign is just a wonderful site based in Australia and run by the Adorable Kellie and her partner Crystal. There are an awesome buch of Ladies over there just waiting for you to check in to the forums, enjoy the challenges, fill up the Gallery and browse the store for all the wonderful goodies you'll find there. Whats more, they are having a Grand Re-Opening sale at the moment so EVERYTHING is reduced. What are you waiting for folks. Get on over there and bag yourself a bargin before the Christmas rush.... The first four people to register here and email me back with a link to their Gallery gets a fantastic Special Offer Coupon from me which will entitle you to $5 off any of my products. With the sale on, that means even more for your money. Can it get any better.....?

emails to booboo6204 at hotmail dot co dot

Wendy over at DoItDigi is also such a lovely, lovely lady. Originally of BrokenJarCreations (yup, I know a lot of you would recognise that name, lol) She has opened the doors to DID and welcomes you to come and enjoy all the new goodies there. There are several new Designers, some of whom I just know you will recognise. The store is packed full of great stuff and the forums are teaming with fun for all. Go register here and grab yourself a whold jar full of Christmas delight.

Here's your Freebie for today

Today I have for you my little KimB Colour Challenge Kit which I hope you'll enjoy. Check out her challenge and others at DSO

Land of the Midnight Sun Here
Sorry, its gone