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Friday, 7 December 2007

A Quick UpDate

Hi everyone.

I just wanted you to know I havn't forgotten its the 7th today and I'm meant to be announcing my CT team and the winners of my Blinkie competition.

I've been snowed under with various things and trying to pull it all together so it makes some kind of sense for you all, not an easy job, lol.

What I can tell you is that I now have my CT team. I'm just getting things organised with them and I'll be making that announcement VERY soon. Thank you to everyone who applied. WOW, I was amazed by the response and the fantastic work. It was great to be able to look through so many Galleries and blogs etc. I have to admit, this was the hardest job i've had to do in a long time. The standards were so high and everyone so lovely but decisions had to be made. If only I could have had you all, I'm such a greedy gal.

We also have a winner, well, 2 actually for our Blinkie Competition. I'll be contacting them as soon as I get their prize sorted, a choice of any kit from my store. Thank you again to everyone who entered. I wanted to keep you all but that would'nt have been fair. I got Elly to choose the winners for me and I think she chose wonderfully. You'll be seeing those winners here very very soon so keep your eyes open for that.

Don't forget that Round 2 of the SAS-y Designer contest is now in full swing and I've seen som awesome kits already. These are all available for you to download free so get on over to SAS and join up now for a mega feast of awesome freebies.

I'll be back on Monday with some Fantastic news about Do It Digi as well as a host of gorgeous layouts from the super SAS store CT team. Those girls are so cool.

Christmas is all wrapped up at your local SAS-y Blogs

Check out the SAS-y Designers blogs while you're about. I happen to know one or three of them have some fan-dabbi-doozey goodies there just waiting to be grabbed. Need a clue, try SKrapper, Lisa West and Candee for starters and then there's Terrell , PillowGirl and DigiTreats. Oh, did I mention JulieO and Darlene too and even though PhreePhorm has been having a tough time with the loss of her dear pet dog and a very naughty pute too she still manages a little treat for you all. Hmmmm..... naughty me! I have nothing today. Guess I'll just have to make it up to ya'll next time huh?!

Hey, only if you're real good. hehehehehehe

Be back soon so hang in. The news is ALL good at BooLand

Hugs and have a wonderful Weekend
Boo x

p.s. Oh go on then, you can have One night in Bethlehem for a little while longer.... ;0)

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