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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Grand DSO Re-Opening and much more......

Hello Everyone,

So sorry I've been missing in action for a bit but this very naughty pc won't behave so it's time for some serious action. Yup, it's going to PC Hospital for an 'Extreme Makeover' lol. So, with my 3 week holiday starting tomorrow and the two weeks for pc to get 'fixed up' I'll be gone a little while but oh what wonderful things we have in store for you on our return so be sure to watch this space....... it WILL be worth it, hehe.
First though I couldn't disappear without offering another 'goody' and what better opportunity then the fantastic All New DSO Grand Re-Opening to do it with, yayyyy! Yeah, This post is a biggie but hey, I'm gonna miss you guys so I wanted to be sure to give you the heads up on EVERYTHING before I go.... sit back, grab a coffee, or in Michelle's case, a whole can, hehe, and relax.... Yes, this does say a whopping 50% off EVERYTHING including all our fab Designers Resources. Wohooooo! Now thats something to get excited about.

Why?? Because we have a brand new look and we're lovin' it. As I'm sure all our DSO fans will know, We had an almighty CRASH! Everything and I do mean everything went with a BANG. Our store, the Forum, Gallery, all those wonderful lo's and challenges, everything...GONE! Well, you and I both know Bunny is not one to give up without a fight and boy, after being given the run around by the Host servers she well and truly let them have it and rightly so. I'm not kidding when I say the one email inpaticular sent from the host was more suited to a sulky teenager throwing a strop. I was shocked and I don't shock easy...hehe.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, Bunny has re-built DSO from scratch and with the help of the fantastic DSO team, she has got it up and running and better then ever. So thats why we're celebrating and I'm sure you'll agree, its something well worth celebrating. Come and join us at DSO for the best digi fun in town.
Lets start with our fantastic 50% off EVERYTHING sale....
and then lets jump right in with our first All New DSO Blog Train filled with fantastic goodies. Check it out....

All this for FREE. Oh yeah, we're dork dancin' to happy land hehe
You can grab my portion here or click the preview, password is bunny
Then head on over to the rest of the girls for some Happy Scrap Journaling FUN, FUN, FUN
Don't forget to stop by our All New Gallery, upload your lo's and check out the fantastic entries. What better way to get inspired?
And new in this week for me. My brand new kit Ambient Moments. It's probably my most favourite so far, though I say that with evey kit hehe.
You can grab it at DSO for the even better special offer of 50% Off today and tomorrow only.

and here's the photo that inspired the kit. Ahhhhh, nothing like a little tranquility to freashen the soul.

It's All Boy's at CLD

WOW, Kellie and Crystal have really made CLD a happening place to be. Its awesome and best of all, you get to enjoy both sides of the coin with our fantastic paper/hybrid range of goodies. OMG, you HAVE to check them out. Even if you've never tried paper scrapping before, these are bound to get your creative juices flowing...

Be sure to check out the June CLD Collab Kit. I'm not kidding, this is an awesome kit with a fantastic range of goodies and the price is amazing good value for money.

Boyz Rule$6.00 Now this is one huge kit tailored to the needs of all those boy themed LO's that you need to scrap. Fantastic range of elements, gorgeous papers and Quick Pages!
In this mega kit you will find ...
49 Papers2 Alphas5 Quick Pages9 Bugs5 Butterflies5 Dragonflies8 Word Art8 Frames1 Pocket1 Arrow8 Ribbons7 Buttons1 Bottle3 Ribbon Hangers1 Paint Stroke11 Doodles6 Flowers1 Magnifier2 Mud3 Overlays1 Color Splat1 Belt9 Stars1 Leather Strap3 Tag2 Journal Strips2 Metal Tag2 RicRac2 Note Paper1 Foil Circles1 Eyelet1 Paper Strip1 Clock2 Staples2 Screws1 Crown2 Strings1 Glitter Splat2 Hinges1 Key1 Shoe Lace1 Corner1 Folded Paper

Check it out here

And I happen to have it on very good authority that the July Mega Is nearly ready for release and its simply stunning. Nope, I'm not gonna say any more then that, you will just have to take my word for this. I LOVE IT...

Don't forget the fantastic HOT SHOTS at CLD. Bargains galour from just $1 coming soon so keep your eyes peeled...


OMG, the SAS Mega for this month is just to die for ... If any of you are planning your weddings now (I'm not, lol) this is the kit to have. If you've been meaning to do all those wedding photos you have stashed in a box, this is the kit for you. It is filled to the brim with gorgeous wedding goodies. Its soooooo romantic I almost wish I was getting married, haha, then again.... Of course, you don't have to have a wedding going on to enjoy this beauty. There is sooooo much in it you are bound to find a million good uses so be sure to check it out here while its on special offer. its a steal at this price

While you're at SAS, don't forget that you get these fantastic goodies absolutely FREE when you spend over a certain amount. Go here to find out more about how you can earn yourself two full kits just for shopping with us. Its our way of saying Thanks, we appreciate your service.

This month you can get my Beautiful Paradise and Candee's Gorgeous Scottish Heather absolutely free with your $15 or more purchase. Wohoooo, Can it get any better?

And these gorgeous kits for orders of $10 or more, how cool is that??

A quick word on behalf of my very good friend Sherah (SkrapperDigitals)

Sherah's got a CT Call out at the moment. Let me tell you having been on Sherah's team i could not have wished for a better start to Digi Designing. This lady is CLASS. Sweet, adorable, amzingly talented and generous to a fault. If you're looking for a fresh position or even if you've never thought about being a CT before but love to do lo's, give Sherah a shout and tell her all about yourself. I promise, you will have a wonderful time with her and her team.

And finally, OMG our fearless and fantastic leader, the SASiest gal in Digi World, JulieO has come up trumps with her latest designs.

Designers Garden is Commercial Use Friendly and utterly gorgeous. Yes, of course I rushed right over and bought them, hehehe. If you love designing or even if you don't but enjoy adding your own slant on bought kits, you just have to grab these beauties while they are on sale.

There are many more then this. Read all about them in this weeks SASy newsletter

Well ladies, thats about all from me for now. My Blossoms will keep you updated as to all the news here at BooLand and all of my stores and my Color Challenge at SAS too so do check with them on their blog. meanwhile, I'll miss you all but we will be back with a sparkle so bright you're gonna need your shades, hehe. Hugs to you all.

Boo x

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Hello again... another goody for you.

Hello everyone. Hey, I'm so glad you're all liking my latest kit and its bringing a little smile to your faces, hehe. it is a bit of fun. Here's another little treat for you to play with.
You can grab it here or click the preview. Have fun. Password is gotya and here's a lo I did using the template. Woah.... just check those lil' critters. They look like they mean business don't they, hahaha.
You can grab my Pollen Monsters Kit over at SAS where its on Special Offer for a very limited time. Check it out here.

and if you stop by tomorrow over at SAS you are in for a huge treat. Lots of our Designers are having a Super 4th July Sale so lots of bargains to be had. Don't miss out on all the fun. There is bound to be something there you'll just love.
Click on the preview to go directly to the store. and I may just have a special little something right here tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.... What? I simply couldn't say. You'll just have to pop back and see for yourselves, hehe.... ohhhh I'm such a meanie.
Have a great one gals.
Boo x

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Its a hot one........

...I'm melting here

and the hayfever, which will NOT go this year is really making its presence felt....ugghhh.

Anyway, lets not be beaten by the pesky lil' Pollen Monsters. I have a brand new kit in store for you and I think you're gonna like this one, even if only for the laugh...hehehe....

They may be cute but they're really little devils... Grab this kit over at SAS and tame the little monsters, give yourself and your loved ones some well earned relief, even if its only in the order of a little fun. Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine!

It's on special offer for a limited time only at SAS so grab it while you can.

and of course, I have a super little Blog freebie for you with its own little monster. Check out that face, hehe. I think it knows what you have in mind for it hahahaha.
Grab it here. password is gotya
My July SASy Color Challenge...

is up and ready to go. Last month was amazing with so many super goodies but I have a feeling that this month is going to outshine even that.

To get the full rules and requirements, which are easy peasy, go here. You can also pick up my very own contribution, available free for this month only, while you are there. Its available via the store.

and here's what you can earn yourself for taking part. WOWsers..... Thats a whole lotta bargain if you ask me. Wanna play????? Me too.... race ya there, last one in's a chicken...bwak bwak bwbwbwakkkk!

Have fun folks and yes.... there is a little goody tucked away for later in the week, hehe, when is there not??

Big hugs and don't free the Pollen Monsters, think of me...........ahhh ahhh choooooooooooo!

Boo x