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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Day 19 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies
Hey, Hi everyone. Well, I'm feeling somewhat better though still dog tired for some crazy reason. OMG, we had an earthquake!!! I mean, we here in the UK arn't used to such things so it came as a bit of a shock, lolololol, no pun intended hehe. It struck at 12.28am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and for once, I was actually in bed and just drifting off. The bed shaking didn't really disturb me as I thought it was in my dream (don't ask what I was dreaming, I have NO idea lol) but the poping sound had me awake instantly. I thought someone was trying to break in.... Jay, of course, slept through it all though now he tells me he felt the tremour,
It didn't really bother me much until the next day. Silly me watched one of those Discovery programmes and it just happened to be about BIG Earthquakes. Yup, I was scared pantless all day lol.
Well, todays little freebie is this set of cool spacey photo frames. I'm sure you'll all make good use of them. You can grab them here or click on the preview. Enjoy.

And just in from my Blossoms are these two super lo's using the Grandad kit and items from the 100 Freebies stash. The first one is Ab Lincoln by Erika

And this one is Graduation by Lynn.

How true is that quote huh? I love them both girls. You are all so COOL

And here I have a couple more gorgeous lo's from my Mother Kit available at SAS, DID and CLD

These are both by the wonderful Pam and I just adore them

Okie Dokie ladies, Thanks so much all of you for your well wishes which mean so much. A special thanks to Kirsten who pointed out my password error in the previous post. Please keep your comments coming, you know I love 'em.

oh, just had to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KimB at DSO. Hope you have a great day Kimmy. Big {{{hugs}}} from me and the Blossoms.Pop on over to Kims blog today for some WOWser Birthday treats.

And a special special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Blossom, DIANE who's birthday was last week. I missed it being ill and having pc problems. Hope you had a lovely day hun. {{{MWAH}}}

Thats it from me today. The lightening has just started and now I'm REALLY scared....


Boo x

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Day 17 & 18 of 100 Freebies

Passsword is 100freebies
(Thanks for pointing out the mistake. the password above is the correct one)

Hello everyone. Awwwww, thanks so much for all your lovely comments and kind get well wishes. I'm still feeling 'off colour' and now poor Jay has taken himself off to bed with a very sorry looking frown bless him. Men always get it worse don't they, lol. Its never 'just a cold'. Oh no, its always far worse then then. Heaven help them if they had to endure just one of our regular 'girly' things. Blimey, the hospitals would be full of them all convinced they were dying of some dreadful condition hehehe. I shouldn't laugh really, he looks awful. Anyway, I'm making the most of the chance for an early night myself and I've decided to take a day off tomorrow so you lucky folk get TWO freebies today instead.
First, I have for you another of my favourite elements. I'm a Butterfly fanatic, can't get enough of them, hehe so naturally, I had to share some with you in this kit. You can grab them here or click on the preview

and secondly (for tomorrow) I have a lovely little set of four book plates. Perfect for adding that finishing journaling touch to your lo's. You can gram them here or click on the preview. Enjoy.

I thought today I'd finish with one or two of the lo's my lovely Blossoms have done for me with my latest kit, 'Mother'.

This lo is from our newest member Trudie. Just love that blending hun. Trudie's had a heck of a lot to cope with just lately but she's shown what a truly amazing girl she is by staying strong for her family AND still managing to get some lo's done for me. Thanks Trudie, we love it. Huggles to ya girl.

and this double page lo is from our Tracy who has also had a really tough time of it lately. I love the story that unfolds with this fab lo and I'm so impressed with these girls dedication. I mean, look at me, running off to bed with a little bitty cold for Heavens sake, lol. You girls rock.

You can find out more about my Mother Kit at SAS, DID and CLD

Now don't forget to pay a visit to my colour challenge over at SAS. There is a cool little freebie kit in store to help you get started and there are some wonderful freebie kits submitted by our very generous members. Theres not much time left. New Challenge starts 1st March so come on ladies, get those February lo's done and earn your ssef a lovely posting bonus.

Thats all for today folks. Remember, I'm off tomorrow so see you Thursday for Day 19's freebie.

Hugs to all

Boo x

Monday, 25 February 2008

Day 16 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies
Well, its official. I have a cold and its making me feel pretty ikky. Still, plenty of Lemsip, my trusty hot water bottle and my furry blanket and I'm all set to pass on Day 16 so without futher ado.....
Today I have a couple more word arts for you. Use them as is or colour them to fit with your lo, its up to you. You'll find them here or click on the preview. Enjoy

And I realise I may well have shown this lo previously but hey, cut me some slack girls, Boo's poorly.... lol.... besides, I just love this lo from my Blossom CT Leader, Melinda. My Grandad would have had this lo blown up and hung on the front room chimney breast. Thanks hun, we love it.

Thats all for today folks. I'll have some more goodies for you tomorrow. Take care.


Boo x

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Day 15 of 100 Freebies

Password id 100freebies
Hey everyone, hows your day been? Mine's been pretty busy with the usual weekend stuff but I have a quick half hour so I thought I'd get todays freebie up for you all.
And what a cool little number this is too. A set of 4 Inspirational words in smooth silver to add to your lo's. In a word, LUSH.... lol
You can grab them here or click on the preview.

And for Sharon and any out there who might want to know, Yayyyyyyyyy England won 13-24 against France yesterday and Jonny was supreme, naturally. There is just something so yummy about the way he does that stand before going for the ball. Then again, when Jay spotted this look-a-like picture I almost had second thoughts hehe. Just had to share it with you.

Courtesy of Private Eye Magazine (UK) Many thanks

Thats it for today folks. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you all tomorrow with yet more goodies.


Boo x

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Day 14 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies
Hello everyone. This is a quick fly by as I'm in the middle of watching Rugby. England V France and we are winning 10-7, its nail-biting stuff, lol
Today I have another gorgeous glittery overlay for you, this one in silver. Hope you like. You can grab it here or click on the preview

And todays Grandad lo is from our lovely Blossom, Lois. She loves her flowers and grows the most gorgeous ones. How about these for beauties. Thanks Lois, we love your garden.

Thats it for now, I think Jonny is about to kick, hehe. Hugs and I'll see you tomorrow for another lush freebie.

Boo x

Friday, 22 February 2008

Day 13 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies

Hello dear scrappers and welcome to Day 13.... or is it....? Don't laugh but honestly, I can NOT remember if I already posted lol today. All day I've been thinking, yeah, I've done that and I've finished this but now, when the day is almost done, I'm thinking, YIKESssssssssss, I think I forgot my post. There is a reason my Jay calls me 'Special Boo' and I don't think it always because I'm sweet... hehe. Oh well, just in case, I'm posting Day 13 hehehe. I'm pretty sure you guys won't mind huh?!

Today, I have a lovely swirly edged overlay for you. I'm a BIG fan of overlays. You can do so much with them. Stack them, fade them, add different styles to get a really unique look, add a layer style to create yet another look, the options are vast. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

You can grab it here or click on the preview

And here is another gorgeous lo from one of my so talented Blossoms using the Grandad Kit. This one is a tribute to Elvis and is by Trudie. Isn't it just so cool. I remember an eon ago sketching those very pictures and having them printed onto my t-shirts. I used to be very 'into' Elvis and the whole 50's culture back when I was 16. Oh how things change. Now I'm a Massive Cure fan and its Robert Smith all over my t-shirts hehe

See you all tomorrow for Day 14


Boo x

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Day 12 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies

Hello again and thanks for poping back. This kit has already grown to the size of a nice little mini kit (well, in my terms anyway, hehe). Its hard to believe there are still just shy of 90 days to go. Thats another 88 freebies for you all to collect. Wohoooo

Today I have some gorgeous glittery swirls for you. I love glitter and pretty girly things. Comes of being the eldest of five and four of us girls and all we ever had was hand me downs so glamour and glitz are a biggie for me.

You can imagine how happy I was to have a daughter after two boys but oh dear, what did I eat while I was carrying her???? She has to be the biggest 'tomboy' going, lol. Theres nothing 'girly' about my Elly, except those eyes and that smile, hehe

Ah well, on to your freebie. You can grab it here or click on the preview

And here is another lo with the Grandad Kit. This one is from Blossom Amy. Isn't that baby just gorgeous.

Well folks, thats all from me for today.


Boo x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Day 11 of 100 Freebies...

Password is 100freebies
Hi all and welcome to Day 11 of the 100 Freebies. Today I have a gorgeous little set of 3 itty bitty satiny bows in varying shades of purple. Perfect to add those finishing touches to your layouts. You can grab them here or click on the preview. Enjoy.

And here are a couple more lo's from the Grandad Kit, this time from Blossom Tracy. I love how shes used the kit to show off her lovely Grandpa. And isn't that button frame just lush.

Thanks Tracy, we love them

Well folks, thats all for today. Be back tomorrow for Day 12 so see you then.


Boo x

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Day 10 of 100 Freebies....

Hello again and welcome back to Day 10 of my 100 Freebies. Wow, so far, apart from the odd glitch with the internet, its been a blast. I'm so glad you're all enjoying the goodies. There are still 90 wonderful freebies to come so keep poping back regularly because the links will now start to go. Tomorrow, Days 1,2 and 3 will be gone so if you havn't grabbed them yet, be sure you do because once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Password is 100freebies

Today I have for you a couple of gorgeous, softer purple papers drenched in silver glitter. You can grab them here or click on the preview. Enjoy

Review of Days 1 to 10

So, lets take a look back at what we've had so far. WOW, 4 papers, 1 Quick Page, and a total of 16 lush elements. Wonder whats coming up next??? You'll just have to come back tomorrow and find out, hehe

My Mother kit is now available at

SAS and soon at DID and CLD

I created this for Mothers Day for my Mum who's favourite colours are pinks, mauves and greys. It's full of pretty floral papers, beautifull flowers and silky bows. A little lace, a little glitz, its a must for all your gorgeous Mothers Day lo's. As a special, I'm giving away my set of 8 8x8 Quick pages with every Mega Kit purchase so you've no excuses for not giving Mum the best gift ever. A Wonderful Personal Mothers Day albumn ready to go. Its also available seperately.

You can find the kit here

And here's a lo done by my Blossom, Claudette. She used the Alpha from my Anemone Kit to complete this gorgeous lo.

Ok folks. Thats it for today. Have fun and I'll see you tomorrow


Boo x

Monday, 18 February 2008

Day 9 of 100 Freebies

Password is 100freebies
Hello everyone and welcome to day 9 of my 100 Freebies.
I'm so glad you are all enjoying the goodies.
Hey wow, thanks for finding out who sings the song playing. I've never heard it before but I think it really plays well in BooLand, don't you? Personally, I'm a big Cure fan but I'm not sure you'd all appreciate Bob's music, lol. I'm such a closet Goth.
Today I have a lovely Quick Page for you. Perfect for that quick gift. It's 12x12 300dpi. I can't garuntee the colour will be exactly as is when printed. I guesss that depends on the printer? But I can say it looks super printed and would make a lovely Mothers day gift.
You can grab it here or click on the preview.

and here's another lo from my amazing Blossoms. This is by Lois and shows her very talented GD playing football.

Be sure to pop back tomorrow for Day 10

Until then, have a lovely day.


Boo x

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Day's 7 and 8 of 100 Freebies...

Password is 100freebies
I can't apologise enough for missing yesterdays post but believe me, it wasn't for lack of trying. Nothing but nothing worked for me yesterday, no blogger, emails coming back in gobble-de-gook, internet fading in and out. By 1.30am I gave up and shuffled off to bed feeling just a tad 'FRUSTRATED' . So, today, since things seem to be working again, I've got yesterdays freebie and todays for you. They include a yummy crystal buckled belt (one of my fav elements) and a gorgeous satiny gift wrap ribbon as well as a cool book plate and pretty flower to add to your collection. you'll find the links here and here or click on the previews. Enjoy. There will be a new one tomorrow (hopefully, lol)

I couldn't resist using DID's Wonderful Designer 'Chris Greiser's (Sketch Me if You Can) wonderful Flower Child Templates to complete this lo. She has so many gorgeous template sets it was really hard to choose just one. You'll find this one and all of Chris's gorgeous Designs here

I have to admit, this is probably my favourite photo of me, I actually look half decent in it, lol, so I use it a lot. No apologies, one has to use what one has available, right? hehe.

I used the gorgeous Forget Me Nots kit by our SAS~y Designer JenLinDesigns. You can find this kit and more about JenLins Designs here. This kit is one of those you just know you won't get tired of. It's truly beautiful and perfect for up-coming Mothers Day, don't you think?!

Hope you've enjoyed todays additions to the 100 Freebies Club. Pop back tomorrow for more but please be patient if it doesn't show. Its just the internet playing silly games and I WILL get it up as soon as I can. Thanks all for your understanding.

Links still Live
Oh, and one more thing, cause I'm a softy at heart. All the freebie links are still active at this time so if you missed one, nows your chance to grab them.

Blog Song Question
A couple of you have asked who sings the song I have playing. To be honest, I can't remember as I chose it for the words and music but as soon as I get chance I'll find out and let you know, or, if you're feeling adventurous, click on the slide show box to go to their website, choose 'music' and you should find it there.

Hugs to all and thanks so much for all your wonderful comments that mean so very much to me.

Boo x

Friday, 15 February 2008

Day 6 of 100 Freebies and and Extra Treat....

Password for 100 Freebies is 100freebies

...cause I'm like that, hehehe. You know how I like to surprise you all, tease a little, mix it up so today, not only do you get Day 6 of my mega 100 Days of Freebies. I also have for you my CLD Colour Challenge kit up for grabs. Just so you know, there is NO password on the colour Challenge kit.

Todays 100 freebie giveaway is a set of 4 juicy little heart charms to help you sweeten those purple passion lo's I just know you'll have for Valentines. Grab it here or click on the preview

Talking of Valentines, I hope you all had a super one. I was on my own (apart from Elly) as Jay was away in New York but I got a gorgeous buch of Tulips delivered (my favourite flowers) and today I got a fab selection of goodies from his trip including my favourite Baseballe players jersey, Rodrigues (I know, I've probably spelt that wrong) Not bad eh, anyway, here's one happy little love bunny.

Here are a couple more lo's from the Grandad Kit, This time from Blossom Pam. Arn't these just adorable

Now, who wants to see the latest Colour Challenge Kit???

Here it is then...

These links have now expired. Thanks
You can grab it , here, here and here and remember, NO password needed for this. Don't forget I'm running the SAS colour challenge where you can grab a cool little kit free and if you take part in the challenge itself you get an extra posting bonus too, can't be bad, check it out here.

Tomorrow we have yet another goody from the 100 Days Freebies so be sure to pop back.


Boo x