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Monday, 23 June 2008

Getting there.....slowly....!

Ugghhhh! Who was the clever clot who said Hayfever season was over?? Oh yeah, that would be ME! Hehehe. Well, as I'm sure you guessed, I was wrong, and BIG time too. On Friday last it was so bad I got really scared and thought I might even have to pay a visit to the hopital. I couldn't catch my breath between sneezes and thought I was going to stop breathing all together. Fortunately, I'm a big believer in self help and relaxation so with the biggest effort, I managed to bring my breathing under control until the sneezing stopped, which eventually, it did, thank goodness, lol.
Usually, I can cope with things if I stay indoors, close windows and keep the room pretty dim but this year the weirdest thing happened. Those pesky little Pollen Monsters must have found a way in and become super concentrated because I was much worse indoors then out..... WEIRD!!!
Well, obviously, I havn't felt much like doing anything at all lately so a huge sorry for being MIA for a good week or so. To make up for it, I put all my little goodies together in one go for you today. They go with my latest kit Faded Bouquet which is available at SAS and DSO. Hope you like.
You can grab them here, here and here or click on the previews. Password for all is flower

I am soooooo far behind with all my tasks that I'm spending the next few days trying to catch up. I know I've been tagged a couple of times, thanks gals, so I'll get to those as soon as I can and someone awarded me a gorgeous blog award too, wohooooo, I love it and shall be sporting it very soon. Thank you so so much for that.
I also have alot of work on for my portions of next months Mega Kits at SAS, DSO and CLD. Oh my goodness. I've been getting some sneek previews of them all from the girls at each store and WOWsers, the Megas are stunning and so much fun. I just know you're going to love them all.
Of course, I still have my BIG project on the back burner, slowly simmering away, hehehe. Its all coming together slowly but surely and hopefully, will be ready real soon so keep watching this space for some really BIG news from BooLand. The Blossoms and I are very excited about it all.
Thanks everyone for you're wonderful comments both here and at 4shared which as you know, I love getting. They make everything so worthwhile.
I'm off to get some work done. I'll be back later in the week with some more goodies for you. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a super week and stay happy, life is way too short not to smile.
Boo xxx

Monday, 16 June 2008

Hey, I can see again.....

Finally, I can open my eyes to the sunlight again....
After days hiding away in a darkend room with all windows and doors tightly closed, I finally emerged today into the sunshine again, wohoooooo! Ok, so the hayfever hasn't all together gone and its left me with one heck of a headache that is stubbornly refusing to go, still, today I could look at the gorgeous sunshine without feeling my eyes turn into soggy puff balls or my throat feel like its just been dowsed with a ton of itching powder so all in all, I'm feeling pretty good, hehe. I must just thank you all for your lovely messages, for those of you who popped in to see how I was, it meant such a lot and had me eager to get back to work, hehe, so thank you all so much.
Well, wow, first of all I gotta say I was totally boweld over when I checked in at SAS to see how things were going with my Colour Challenge. OMG, its positively bursting at the seems with fantastic kits including some from our fab SAS Designers AND even my good friend KimB over at DSO has entered and done one for us. Then there are all the goodies our wonderful members have been sharing with us. Oh, you just have to check out my Blossom Erika's blog. AKA Lara, she has entered her own kit which is awesome but she's also offering a gorgeous add on for anyone who completes a lo using her kit so get on over there and chck it out, more goodies for you... Just click on her highlighted name to go to her blog.
And if you are running short on inspiration, you cannot go far wrong checking the colour challenge gallery. its packed with the most beautiful lo's of every style. Like I said, WOW. We still have another two whole weeks to go on this months challenge so plenty of time to get your teeth into this challenge and enjoy everything on offer not to mention my posting bonus for taking part. Go on, stretch yourself just a little, I know you'll have so much fun.
Goodies at the Blossoms Blog
Now, last week, before hayfever took over, I was sharing some Boo'Licious goodies with you. I'm so glad you've all enjoyed them. You'll find one more Boo'Licious goody over at the Blossoms blog so be sure to check it out. You'll also find the complete Boo'Licious kit and gorgeous Boo'Licious Brag Book on sale over at SAS for a limited time only so if you missed the sale at DSO, check it out here.
This week, I'm concentrating on my other new kit, just in at SAS too. Faded Bouquet was inspired byt the most beautiful bouquet I got from Jay over the Christmas holidays. The colours were breathtaking but even as it began to fade the whole bouquet just seemed to ooze this amazing depth and I just had to use it to create a kit. I love how it turned out. Its available at DSO and also just in at SAS so its on sale there for a limited time. Be sure to grab it and the Faded Bouquet Brag Book while its on special offer.

Faded Bouquet Goodies for YOU!

Of course, I had to make a few little goodies to go with it so for today, I'm sharing two of them with you.

First up is this lovely set of add on papers which perfectly complement the kit. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is flower.

And check this out. Even Bunny, Boss Lady at DSO made a lo using my Faded Bouquet kit. I was so chuffed I just had to share it here,

I got the chance to make a lo using the kit. It was soooooo nice to do some actual scrapping for a change. Here it is.

and here is my second little goody for you. This is the layered psd and png format template for the lo above. Hope you like. You can grab it here or click the preview. Password is flower. Enjoy.

Thats all for day ladies. Come back soon for more goodies and news as it happens.


Boo x

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Want to be a Blossom??

Are you good at organising things? Do you enjoy being a member of many Yahoo Groups? Do you have some flair when it comes to creating your lo's?
and would you like to be a member of Boo's Blossoms?
If this sounds like you, you may be just the person we are looking for to join our very close team. We need an Ad Lady (or man). Someone who has lots of pc time, loves to promote and is well organised to design and send out advertisments for My products.
In return you get full access to all of my kits, membership to the Blossoms Group and Blog and you will be part of a very close and happy team. We are a fun, easy going team so why not have a go.
To apply, simply put together your idea of an advert for one of Boo's products. You can use any of the Boo'Licious Freebies available on this Blog (previous posts, just scroll down). Send it to me at booboo6204 @ hotmail dot co dot uk and we'll be in touch.
Good luck, we can't wait to see what you come up with.
Boo x

Friday, 6 June 2008

New Products and another goody for you....

Hello and welcome back everyone. How are you all today?
Its a mighty post today with lots of news and of course a goody for you all so sit back, grab a coffee (or in my case, a large mug of tea, hehe) and enjoy.
Hey, how many of you out there are Hay Fever sufferes? Uggghhh. Every year i hope it will pass me by and every year it finds me. Today I'm hiding indoors with all the windows shut tight, curtains drawn, sunglasses and face mask on and a ton of paper hankies, lol. A delightful sight to behold.... NOT!
Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself, lets get on and have some fun. I just have to share with you my newest kit available at DSO
Its called Faded Bouquet and was inspired by the gorgeous colors of a beautiful bouquet of flowers Jay bought me a while back. Even as they faded, the colors were stunning, hence the name.
The kit contains 10 gorgeous papers and 20 elements. Check it out here
Its on sale at DSO for this week only at a fab 25% off so be sure to head on over and grab it while its on offer

and this gorgeous Heart Shaped Brag book which fits the Maya Road Heart BB Template was created by my wonderful Designe Assistant, Michelle, and is also available at DSO. Find it here.
I also have some lovely new products at my Commercial Use Store which you can check out here.

My Wedding Theamed Collaberation Kit with Skrapper Digitals is still on sale over at our SAS store but you'll have to hurry to take advantage of this fab offer as the sale ends soon. Normally priced at $8.50, you can pick up this whoppa of a kit with 40 papers and over 140 elements for just $7
Sherah has a gorgeous freebie to match this beautiful kit over on her blog. Go grab it here

Here are a few previews of the kit itself. Check it out here

And check out these beautiful lo's. This is by Janalyn who inspired the kit. and this one is by Patchas. Arn't they awesome. There are more over on Sherahs blog and in the SAS Gallery.
And here is a little teaser for you. These gorgeous Brag Book Albums in the shape of Double and Single Wedding bells were created by 'Michelle' using the 'This Day' kit and will soon be available at SAS so keep your eyes peeled for them coming to store soon.

Finally...... LOL

Your goody for today is another little add on to my Boo'Licious kit, currantly available at DSO

You can grab it here or click the preview. Password is delicious


Don't forget to pop on over to SAS and check out my new June Color Challenge. Already we have lots of wonderful goodies and lo's to share.

Ok, one final word. My good pal Candee of Mermaids Heaven and SAS tagged me this week. I promise I'll get to it next week. Just have to figure out another 7 interesting facts about me and thats a tough call, hehe.

Have a wonderful weekend all.


Boo x

p.s. I just had to break up a fight in my back garden...... between a hawk and a baby magpie..... Today, the magpie lives to eat another worm, poor little thing was shaking from its beak to its claws, bless it. Well, thats my excitment for the day done I guess, lol.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Are you ready......?

Hello Everyone,
How are we all today? Chipper I hope.
Thank you all for all the great comments you left. I'm so glad you enjoyed the first of my Boo'licious goodies. Of course, I have more for you but first I wanted to share some very exciting news with you.
Yayyyyy: I've been planning to do some commercial use stuff for ages but got so tied up with other things I didn't have time. Finally, I have two brand new Commercial friendly products in store for you.
Two sets of 6 12x12 overlays to begin with. Texturite is full of delicious touchy feely textures that will have you longing to run your fingers over them.
and 'Monica' is full of beautiful subtle floral impressions all gently grunged. Play with your settings to create a huge array of different looks. I know you'll have lots of fun with these.
You can check them out here

Boo'Licious is one of my favourite kits. I love the colour combo of blues and soft browns. They go great together, don't you think? The kit is currently available at my DSO store with 25% off for a limited time only and will soon be available at SAS and CLD too.

Don't forget, ALL of my store kits now come with a S4H S4O friendly licience at no extra cost. Hows that for great value.

today I have for you this great little Boo'Licious Add On set of three papers. Perfect as a stand alone or add it to the full kit to give you even more options for all those 'Boo'Licious' los'

Talking of which, be sure to pop on over to the Blossoms blog and check out the fantastic lo's we've had in already. They are really WOW.

You can grab your Boo'Licious goody here

Password is delicious

Don't forget, these goodies are only available for ONE WEEK. After that, they hit the store.

and as if that wasn't enough......

Its time for my KimB Color Challenge Kit
This month, Kim chose some really super colors that made me think of the boys in our lives. It's especially cool since we are celebrating Dads later this month so with that in mind, I've created this little kit just for Fathers Day. Of course, it will suit most Boy lo's lol. Check out Kim's Challenge and all the fantastic goodies entered so far here

Hope you like. You can grab it here

Password is kimjune

Ok ladies, I'm off to send out all my posting bonuses for all the fantastic entried we had for the SAS Color Challenge. Don't forget, Junes Challenge is now open and there is as usual a free for june starter kit to hel you on your way so be sure to check it out.

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back soon with another goody for you.


Boo x

Monday, 2 June 2008

Yayyyy, its back to normal time..........

Hey Everyone, how are you all doing??

Well, I'm just tickety BOO since Jay and the kids are back at school and I have some time to play....LOL. Actually, I have a massive amount of back-logged work to get through, please forgive me if you emailed and I havn't yet got to it, sorry, I will as soon as I can.
Ooooooooo! I nearly forgot. Lots of you emailed to say you hadn't managed to grab all of the final part of 100 Freebies so I've re-activate the last part ONLY for one week. Day 100 is now available again here
Password is 100freebies

SAS~y Colour Challenge

Ok. Its a brand new month and I have a brand new Colour Challenge up for you over at SAS. this month I've gone a little different from my usual pretty stuff (I'm such a girly girl really, lol) and I've gone for a little more grunge. The colours are still sizzling hot since it is the start of summer but I thought you guys might like something a little more suitable for the boys/men in your life, especially as its Fathers Day on the 15th Jaune (which also happens to be Elly's 9th birthday, bless her) Actually, talking about Elly, I think this kit would suit her to the ground, being the tomboy she is, what do you think??
So, here is the freebie starter kit to help you on your way. You'll find it here. the link for the SAS-y Colour Challenge is here. be sure to check it out. Even if you don't enter (and why would you not with the fab posting bonus on offer too ;) ) there are bound to be some super mini kits and QP's entered by our fantastic members.

and here is the Posting Bonus you can earn yourself just for taking part

Talking of Colour Challenges. Guess who else has got theirs up, hehe. Of course its the fabulous KimB and I will of course be entering it so keep your eyes peeled for that coming up soon. Meanwhile, Be sure to check out Kims Challenge over at DSO as well as all the other great challenges going on at SAS and DSO

Other news at SAS

My very dear friend and SASy Designer, Sherah aka SkrapperDigitals and I have teamed up to bring you the most audacious Wedding Mega kit yet. Its stunning colours were inspired by one of our very own SASy members. The kit itself has a total of 40 stunning papers from rich textures to delcate shades and a whopping 140+ elements, yup I did say 140+. Its normally priced at $8 but you can get it on special offer right now for a limited time for just $7.50. You're going to LOVE it. Check it out here

Here's a little peek at whats on offer.

My first kit at DSO

Wohoooo, you all know how excited I've been to get on the fabulous DSO team and I now have my first Kit 'Boo'Licious in store, available here.

I thought you might like a little something extra to go with this gorgeous kit so here is a little goodie to start your Monday off with a smile.

Grab it here

Password is delicious

Ok girls (and boys). Thats it for today. I have lots of lovely lo's to share with you over the next week or so and of course, you know me, there will be more goodies to come but for today, I'd better get on with trying to clear this HUGE backlog. Remind me to book a holiday away next time the kids are off school, prefrebly ALONE wahahahaha.
One final thing. I want to wish the wonderful Candeeeeeee of Mermaids Heaven/Stone Accents Studio the happiest of birthdays. Have a wonderful day my friend. You deserve the very best.
{{{{{{{{{{{{{Huggles to you in mountains full}}}}}}}}}}}

Until next time. Have fun


Boo x