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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Catch Up Time....

Hey, how'd that happen??? Where'd yesterday go??? LOL.
Helloooooooooo Everyone, YUP, Guilty as charged, I 'forgot' my poor old blog. Not on purpose. I was sooooo busy all day and for some weird reason I got the notion I'd already done it so off I toddled to bed. Opppppps.... Am I forgiven??
Well, I'd better get these goodies out to you then hadn't I, hehe. Ok, first up, yesterdays little pack is this sweet collection of itty bitty flower charms. use them to pin your photos, decorate other elements or shower your paper with pretty sprinkles of them. You can grab them here or click the preview above. Have fun. Password is 100freebies
And for today, some more lush shiny swirlies. You can use these as photo pins or place them in the corner of your paper to add a little sparkle and dimension to your lo's. Enjoy. Grab them here or click the preview above. Password is 100freebies
I just had to share with you a couple of lo's my blossoms did for me for my birthday. This one is from Blossom Lynn 'LynnCal' using my Emerald Birthstone kit. Awww hun, I totally love it. Thank you so so much.
Isn't that a lovely thing to say about me, my gals sure are the best.

And this sparkling beauty is from our lovely Trudie. I just love it. Thank you sweetie so so much. It was such a joy to get so many wonderful messages here, on 4shared and in my mailbox. Boy, I've been on a high ever since, hehe.
And I reciveve this gorgeous lo from Blog reader Theresa using my Mommy Dearest kit (still available for a little while longer) Theresa hun, this was such a treat to get. Its beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We LOVE it.
Well my friends, its time for me to go so I'll see you all again tomorrow with yet another goody from the 100 Days of Freebies.

Take care


Boo x


JillSF said...

Two more fab pieces - but boo-hoo Boo - there are only 8 more. Last night i checked out all the pieces I have downloaded. It is a wonderful, marvellous, BIG kit. Thanks

Claire said...

Happy Birthday. and thank for sharing you lovely designs. Have a great day.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Boo!!!!!!!!
WOW since when have I become one of your blossoms & a name change to boot!!!! LOL
The sparkling beauty one is from me[Scrapcat4914] & not Trudie!!! ROTFL
BUT I'm doing a dork dance that you loved it enough to show it on your blog!!!!!!!
TY so vrey much for todays AWESOME 2 DLs!!!!!!!!
Cant believe that its been almost 100 days of these MARVELOUS DLs!!!!!!!!!!!

debbie said...

I just figured out how to leave a want to thank you so very, very much for this awesome kit...hard to believe that its almost up to 100 already!!! I found the link to your blog when you first started it, and I have been following it ever since. You do beautiful, amazing work...Thank You!!

grambie said...

I just love all the beautiful floral elements along with those adorable swirlies. Thanks for all the beautiful parts of this kit that is just too awesome for words. I love your rich colors that you always manage to bring out so beautifully in your designs. HUGS!!!