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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Its nearly over...... awwwwwwww

I sooooooooo don't want this Blog event to end that I'm dragging my feet, lol. We can't have that now can we....LOL.
Thanks everyone for all your messages re my weekend. It turned out to be a lovely quiet one in the end, haha. Those delightful folk ran like the wind when they saw me pick up the phone, wahaha. So funny really as I could have been phoning the speaking clock for all they new.... Hmmmm, me thinks they do protest to much...??
Anyway, lets get on with our goodies. Since I missed yesterdays as Elly was home from school poorly and I had a ton of work to do, its here today. These cute little heart charm bows would be perfect for all those lovely baby lo's don't you think? Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

and for today I have these lush pinned ribbons for you. Aren't they cool. Grab them here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies

*Sorry I messed the password up, lol, but you guys know it by now, right. Anyway, its correct now. Thanks Linda for letting me know, mwah*

Have fun

Hey I was tagged by Jessica

Oh, I love being tagged, hehe, so here are the rules and my answers along with my choice of tags. It wasn't easy either but I'm only allowed 7 so there you go....

Here's what I need to do then..*lol*1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog .

Wow, facts about me? Are you sure you're ready for this, LOL...

Okay here are my 7 facts...

1. I'm a closet Goth. I'd like to 'come out' but I'm way too old to get away with the panda eyes and black lace, lol.

2. I'm a HUGE 'Cure' fan and back in my younger days even wrote a rather popular fanzine for them called 'The Curse' We even had our own Cure comic strip which an artist created for me.

3. I love to watch great old classics with stars like Cary Grant and Bette Davis. They don't make 'em like they used to....

4. If I could have a One to One with anyone it would be with Ramses11. He fascinates me. I'd love to know the real story behind the world first ever Peace Treaty between Egypt and the Hittites.

5. I have Dyslexia, as you can probably tell LOL and spell check doesn't always work because it still looks 'wrong' to me hahaha. It doesn't hinder me though. I'm grateful for all my life's blessings.

6. I am constantly in awe of our beautiful Planet and the whole of the cosmos, it's size, its mystery, it blows me away in a good way.

7. I had my 15 minutes, well, 1 hour actually, of fame two years ago when my mum and I were chosen for an Extreme Makeover UK. I got to meet and make some wonderful new friends who I love to bits but...... and its a BIG but..... I'd urge anyone thinking they 'need' something like this to make their worlds perfect to think carefully. I nearly lost my Mum during surgery and recovery and the surgeries we underwent have not worked and left us both badly scared so PLEASE be careful. What you see on tv is about 5 inches of makeup and some serious under-padding. Having said all that, it was an experience of a lifetime and in many ways I'm glad we did it for that alone.

So.... That's my 7 facts hehe. Now for my tags. Here we go.

KimB has long been my biggest source of inspiration in this field and her sense of humour is second to none. I love this gal. She ALWAYS brings a smile to my face and is the sweetest person I know here in DigiLand. Kim, you're tagged hun....

WOW, what can I say about Bunny, fearless leader of DSO? She has to be one of the most awesome, funny, down to earth people I have come to know. Nothing seems too much trouble for Bunny. She's a perfectionist in the best possible way. She wants YOU to have the best and I love that about her. Plus, have you spent time reading her blog?? Honestly, this girl has me in stitches with her life goings on. Bunny, thanks for the daily belly laughs. Its the best medicine

Kirsty doesn't know me from Adam, lol, but over the last year or so, I feel like I've really got to know her and her wonderful family. She's an amazing photographer, writes a really fun Blog and is an awesome Mum to Bella. The bonus for me is that she's a fellow Brit and lives very close by me so if I need a photographer for any reason, guess who I'll be calling.... Kirsty, you're a true inspiration for life values. Thank you for sharing all your lifes ups and downs with us and teaching us how to be better for it. Your're tagged and a kiss for Bella.

Linda is such a sweet lovely lady. A regular BooLand visitor and over time she's become a real friend to us in BooLand. Linda, we love gotteing your messages and lo's and hey girl, one of these days, I'll be popping over for a brew so keep that kettle on the boil, hehe. You're tagged

What can I say about Megan 'Flerg'? She IS the Glitter Queen of Digiland and we all know I love my bling right lol. More then this, Megan goes out of her way to help you get things working with her her goodies, she's on the ball when it comes to giving advice on how best to use her fab styles and she makes awesome goodies. She's my top Glitter Girl and totally Flerg-a-licious. Megan hun, you are so tagged...

Pam's beautiful Blog and Designs always have me drooling. She's such a sweetheart and its always a pleasure to visit her little space and see what goodies she has on offer. A real inspiration. Thanks Pam, you're tagged.
and finally, how could I not tag my own fabulous Blossoms, hehe. Each and every one of them are stars in my book and I would not be where I am today if it were not for thier awesome support and dedication so girls, you are all tagged, hehehe

And Jessica, thank you so much for tagging me. Its such fun to do thes little things and it gives me something to write hahahaha.

Its almost over......

Awwwwww, its flown by so quickly hasn't it. Its hard to believe that tomorrow is day 99. I'm going to be pretty sad when its all over. Its been such fun and its been fantastic getting to know my lovely Bloggies that bit better.
I will be taking a 'little' break when its over. Don't worry, just a little one, as I have some huge projects coming up...... hehehehe...... still not telling...... yet.....
Keep your eyes peeled. All will be revealed VERY soon
Until tomorrow, Have a wonderful day and keep smiling, it makes you feel better.
Boo x


Kim B said...

WAHAHAHAH- a closet goth huh?- Thanks for the interesting read- gee's I watched the makeover programme here ( mmm, going to have to nag for photos- LOL)
And you want ME to tell you 7 wierd facts??? Oh goodness girlfriend- we don't want to scare ALL the people now do we- WHAHAHAHAHA
thanks for the tag and i'll get to it ASAP!
Sending hugs

LindaJD said...

Boo..I am all new to this so please don't hold your breath, nor for any interesting facts about me! I am as dull as dishwater! lol..
I just wanted to tell you (quetly) you have added the passwword wrong on todays 100day freebies..I left a message in your shout box too for you :)
Bless you for all that you do!
Love - Linda xx

Bunny Cates, said...

7 weird or interesting facts about me?


I mean, ummm...
thanks for the tag. LOL...


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both AWESOME DLs!!!!
Hope your DD is feeling better!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this AWESOME blog event!! i have truly LOVED how this kit unfolded each day! i LOVE your creativity and really appreciate all that you share! Hard to believe this is almost over but you sure deserve a break! :D Have a GREAT day!! :D

Terebene said...

I can't believe this is almost done. I have really enjoyed this series, in large part because it reminds me to come "check in" with you daily. Thanks again for all you do.

Nexa (Jessica) said...

Aawww, I'm glad you liked being tagged, I do get a lot of ispiration from you and soI thought I'd tag you (again) and get some interesting info about you too..*lol* Well thanks for accepting the tagging, and spreading it! AND you've outdone yourself during this 100 freebies event.. thank you VERY much for the cute elements and papers, it must have taken quite some time to get it all together!!
Take care!!
Jessica aka Scrapoholic Designs.

shawnyrvr said...

I wanted to tell you I have been absolutely amazed with each and every piece you have shared. I too am so surprised at how quickly the 100 days have come and gone. I didn't actually think I'd be able to make it all the way through... especially since DH was laid off and we thought we'd have to move sooner than originally planned... But I made it with you. I have enjoyed reading each post and enjoyed watching your digi business grow and your followers turn into the 1000's lol.... I remember when I first came here and you started this one you still maybe had a couple hundred downloads. It just goes to show how much your kindness and generosity has made people pay attention to you. I am so glad that things are going well for you due to the fact you deserve it!!! Can't wait to hear about your big secret you've been holding out on us so long about. Love & Blessings! Shawna

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

makeyesup said...

thanks for the freebies, can't believe there is only 2 more to go. Enjoy reading your blog and your 7 interesting facts. Glad that the extreme makeover did not have the horrible results on your mom. Guess we should be satisfied with what God gave us. Since we all have flaws, who cares.

LouCeeCreations said...

Hiya Boo, ooooh some interesting facts about you there lol!
A goth history aye! my girl is just coming out of a goth stage she's 15, and is now selling all her clothes on my e.bay... somehow i think she gets the postage money too! hahaha, I loose out again lol!
Glad your weekend was more peaceful but what is the summer gonna bring ya, with it's smoking ban, I reckon that's why we get more and more rowdy teenagers! ummmm.

Flergs said...

Awww you are so sweet! Thank you for tagging me. So cute. I love the whole list and man o man how big is that kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I am off to post on my blog.