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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Day 32 and Name that Kit Competition

Password is 100freebies

Hello Everyone. And how are you all today? I sure hope things are going your way.

Todays goodies include Day 32 of our 100 Freebies, this stunning clittery wrapped frame. Its one of my favourite things to create. Hope you like. You can grab it here or click on the preview. Enjoy.

The CLD Birthday Bash continues

And todays CLD Birthday Bonus is this fab little knotted ribbon to match yesterdays gifty. You can grab it here or click on the preview. Have fun

'Name That Kit'

Do you want to win my latest Creation? This kit, inspired by KimB's Colour Challenge, is missing a name. Help me name it and you can win it.

Its a Wowser of a kit with over 20 papers and more then 30 elements. Non traditional Spring colours means I could go a little outside the box with this kit and yet, it has everything you'd expect in a great Spring Kit. Gorgeous birdies, lush bow butterflies, the prettiest decorated frames and tags, swirls and buttons and or so much more and for those of you who like a touch of Real Easter Meaning, there are some added Religious Elements, perfect for any of your little ones making their first Holy Communion or being Baptised. It also includes 2 QP's and png format layered borders for you to play with to your hearts content.

Funky yet with all those traditional elements we love so much.

So, how can you win this beauty? Simple. Leave me your Kit Name suggestions in the comments section here on my blog. If your name gets chosen, YOU get this kit. How easy is that?!

We've already had some super suggestions. Here they are.

Lavender Lush by Donna. Purple Blush by schellie. Purple Primavera by Angel. 'Lavender Blue' by Meg and 'Lavender Blue Queen'. Purple Pleasures / Purple Passions by Lisa. "Simply Passionate" by Linda. Purplicious by Harley Girl. Flutter Bows by Juno. “Lilac Inspiration” or “Inspiring Spring” by Audrey

My KimB Colour Challenge Kit

Blossoms LO's

As soon as I saw this lo from My Blossom Leader Melinda, I was blown away. Not only is the extraction perfect, the phot beautiful, the lo in general just gorgeous but that title finishes the whole thing off magically. WOW hun, wonderful.

Melinda used my Everything You Are kit for this stunning creation

And here she shares with us a wonderful 'memory moment' using my newest Easter Parade Kit

Its moments like this that we as parents cherish so much as our children grow up and away. Don't you just wish you could keep them like this forever and yet, you want them to grow and be happy.... oh the hardships of being a parent, lol.

Thanks so much Melinda, not only does this girl run my show for me, I'd be lost in chaos world if it wern't for her, but she also finds time to share these wonderful lo's with us. You're a star and we love ya girl.

I sometimes feel like I don't say it enough. How much, that is, I appreciate my wonderful CT Team of Blossoms. Without them, I would find it hard to keep creating, providing you with all my goodies, and being inspired. They really are the most talented of girls and I'm so so lucky to have them in my little world. Soon, I'm going to show them how much.... Keep watching this space Blossoms, hehehehehehehehe.

Until tomorrow my lovely Bloggies

Boo x


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the extra lovely gifts!!

Your new kit is beautiful - I would suggest "Spring Blessings" for an appropriate name.

nana said...

Thank you sooo much for all the gorgeous goodies!! Love them!:-)

Since I love the colors of your new kit and it reminds me of the things that will be popping thru the ground any moment my suggestion is: Springs Mysterious Smile or Spring Smiles. And I can't wait. :-)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Boo!!!!!!
TY so very much for the FAB 32!!!!!
How about
"Spring Jewels"
"Jewels of Spring"


jasjul said...

Hi Boo, thanks for the comment, glad you like them, see I love your stuff and this new kit is just fantastic, how about Dreaming of Spring.

venus25 said...

Thank you for your beautiful kit!!!!

I would suggest "faboulous spirit" or "fabulous dream" for an appropriate name.

excuse me for my bad english but I'm french ;-)

good evening

Livia Y. said...

There's only one word to describe the new kit: WOW! Simply gorgeous!

Here's my suggestion - Purple Poem

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Thanks for todays goodies!! Love them!! What a beautiful new kit!! The first name that came to mind was Satin Blessings!! Hope you like it!! Thanks again!! Hugs!! :)

Livia Y. said...

Hmmm... just thought of two more...

- Spring Breeze
- Spring Celebration


z & r fitz said...

First of all i wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful gifts you give us. You are VERY talented and I enjoy seeing what you have each day.

Second: Oh my!!! Your new kit is BEAUTIFUL!!! "Breathtaking Blessings" is my suggestion. I love those colors and the elegance the kit has.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Tabby said...

An Easter Spring is what my daughter said

Spring Blessings

Flowers, Butterflies and Bows


Colorful Spring

Shell said...

Gorgeous kit! My name suggestions are Purple Panache, Fantasy Blooms & Purple Phantasy. Is it just me, or did I miss the links to your DSO color challenge kit? Thanks!

HarleyGirl said...

WOW, what a beautiful frame, thank you so much

Cindyrelly said...

hmmmmm.... the First word that came to mind when I looked @ the preview was "Joyous" ... I don't know but maybe "Feeling Joyous" or "Joyous Feelings" .... mmmmm.... How about "Joyous Day?" Okay... that's all for me ;) Thanks as ALWAYS!!

KrisG said...

First I have to thank you for today's awesome freebies! I'm still searching for parts of the "hunt" on CLD, LOL.

Second... I have a name suggestion. How about Mulberry Flutterby (or Mulberry Butterfly if you prefer, LOL). I absolutely LOVE your stuff!

AB said...

Blessed Butterflies

carmen said...

this kit is outrageously, fantastically, awesomely, gotta die for. i give you 10 atta girls.

purple passion
passionately purple
purple royale
purple past and present
Easter presence or
Presence of Easter

girl you sure love your grandfather freebies tysm

Theresa said...

I love the kit!! So gorgeous. I have a few suggestions (hope they haven't been suggested yet): Snapdragon, Queen of the Violets, Spring Bliss, Spring Enchantment. I also like Spring Devotion (since Lavender is the flower of devotion).

Terebene said...

Thank you for 32 and the bonus.

I immediately thought of passion and happiness in the kit since it is Easter. I would suggest Passionate Joy or Eternal Passion. Or Royal Joy (Because the royal still denotes purple and deep rich colors)or Majestic Joy. Hmmm, good luck.

Deb said...

Love your blog and the wonderful kits you create! Your new kit remindes me of a symphony, all things blend together. May I suggest "Blue-Violet Symphony"

jenny said...

Wow Boo, it seems to be gorgeous kit, so my suggestion is
Blessed spirit of spring

Melissa said...

"Sugared Violets"

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Gorgeous kit... how about calling it Spring Renewal!

Lynncal said...

Boo, you spoil us rotten!!! Thanks for all the cool new goodies and the new kit looks fantastic!! I won't guess a name because I'm awful at naming kits, but I know I'll get to play with it anyway someday (hehehe) I do like the name from sharon aka scrapcat4914 - Jewels of spring, it just seems to fit the jewel like colors and the type of elements in the kit

Jeanne said...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful gifts!
What about "Cool spring Fling!"?

Melanie said...

I just love your kits. They are so full of color and easy to use. As for a name for your new kit, how about Purple Posy Passion?

** Cida Freddo ** said...

Magic Spring;
Lilac Spring;
You new kit is beautiful. Congratulations.

crlin said...

Thank you for todays! Love your beautiful kit! Maybe it could be called "Springtime Says It All" or "Inspirations of Spring"

acestchn said...

Hi, love the kit, my suggestion is Lavender/Blue Fusion

Billbanter said...

Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! You make beautiful creations that are so pleasant to the eyes.

You'll probably hate my name suggestion but here it is anyway!

Ballet of Flowers
Ballet of the Flowers
Floral Ballet

Guess the flowers just kinda looked like they were dancing in the preview.

Aunt Anne

Lynne said...

Beautiful Kit!

I suggest:
"Sweet Sensations"
"Spring Miracle"
"Touch of Whimsy"

Dracowin said...

Love the new kit! It makes me think "Spring Passion"
Thank you for today's goodies!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Livia Y. said...

Hi Boo,
I'm here again with a couple more suggestions... :)

- Midspring Night's Dream
- Midnight spring
- Spring's Midnight hour
- Spring Evening

LadyV said...

As usual, your new kit is gorgeous!! My name suggestions are:

Purple Haze
Purple Rain
Heather Meadow
Candy Coated Raindrops
Hyacinth in Bloom
Assylum in Bloom
Pocket Full of Posy



roman said...

Awesome looking kit! How about Magnificent Anticipation?

AB said...


AB said...


Dian said...

Easter Elegance
Elegant Easter
Easter Blessings


Dian said...

Beautiful Beliefs
precious purples


Angela Beth said...

My entry for your kit naming contest is "The Peace of Spring" or "A Peace of Spring". The colors are soothing, yet energizing, just when you feel peaceful and silently strong.
Thanks for sharing your lovely creativity with us!!

Angela Beth said...

My entry for your kit naming contest is "The Peace of Spring" or "A Peace of Spring". The colors are soothing, yet energizing, just when you feel peaceful and silently strong.
Thanks for sharing your lovely creativity with us!!

Angela Beth said...

My entry for your kit naming contest is "The Peace of Spring" or "A Peace of Spring". The colors are soothing, yet energizing, just when you feel peaceful and silently strong.
Thanks for sharing your lovely creativity with us!!

shayna said...

It's lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My suggestions are:

Purple Passion
Purple Meadow
Truly Blessed
Spring At Last
Truly Spring
Spring In Bloom
Spring Forward
Butterflies Are Free
Spring Meadow

snootiecats said...

Love those lush purples and blues!
How about:
1. Amethyst Blues
2. Purple and blue royale
3. Royal Nights
4. The Purples and Blues of Spring
5. Spring's song
6. The song of Spring
7. Spring's tribute

snootiecats said...

Absolutely love the blues and purples. This kit is gorgeous! My suggestions are:
1. Amethyst blues
2. Azure and Amethyst
3. Purple royale and Blue passion
4. Spring royales

Jan said...

This is a beautiful kit. I love the purples and blues together. Purple reminds me of royalty. Here are my suggestions:

Royal Birth
Royal Rebirth
Royalty Renewed
Earth's Rebirth
Spring's Royal Splendor
Earth's Royal Return
Royal Splendor

Hope I haven't repeated any suggestions. There are a lot of good ones out there.

Mary said...

Boo - thanks for all of your goodies!

My suggestion for 'name that kit' is Easter Serenity.


jlgarrison said...

I really love your new's gorgeous. I think that "A Splash of Easter" is a great name for it. I was going to suggest "Easter Blessings", but it's too close to "spring blessings.

jlgarrison said...

I absolutely love the new kit, it's gorgeous. I think that "A Splash of Easter" is a great name. I was going to say Easter Blessings, but I think it's too close to Spring Blessings.

smulan said...

Lovely kit and it makes me happy! So my suggestion will be: Spring happiness

Molly said...

I am loving your 100 days freebies. Thank you for creating such a beautiful kit and sharing it with us!

For your nameless kit, I suggest "Richly Springy" because of the richness of th colors.

Ladyjane said...

I love your new kit! And how perfect for conformations etc. My suggestions for the name is Butterfly Blessings.

Shanners said...

BEAUTIFUL Kit!!!! I love it. Here are some names: Spring Blossoms, Spring in Bloom, Easter Blossoms, Shades of Spring, Sky's the Limit...I'll be back if I think of anything else. :)

DreamOfSunshine said...

I suggest "Elegance Sensation" for the new kit