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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Day 35 and 36 of 100 Freebies and my SECRET Revealed

Hello everyone. How are you all today?
I'm posting both today and Sundays links for you as I'm taking the day off on Sunday to spend with the family. I'll also be busy sorting all the Kit Names for the Competition. With so many great entries, I'll be at it all day, lol.
Days 35 and 36 of 100 Freebies
Password is 100freebies
Ok, here is day 35 for you. I actually used this QP for one of my earlier Grandad lo's.. You can grab it here or click the preview. Have fun.

and here is Day 36. Yeah, an alpha. Its only upper case and numbers I'm afraid but this little beauty would be great for those BIG titles and Headers. Grab it here or click the preview

And here are your CLD Birthday Bonus's for today and tomorrow. Grab Day 5 here or click on the preview. Enjoy.

and Day 6 here or click the preview. Again, password is party

Mums Treat

I'm posting this a little early today because I'm treating my mum to a night out on the town. We are headed off to the Bold Hotel in Southport where mums old School Chums, ' The Walmsely Brothers' are playing 50's,60's and 70's music. She doesn't know yet, hehe, its my little treat cause she's a pretty cool Mum.

The Walmsley Brothers

Wait for it.........


It 'IS' Here....

The Great CT Appreciation Week

My BIG Secret can now be revealed, hehe. Whats it all about?? Let me tell you.

We Designers work long and hard on our kits and Digi Products because we want to give our customers the very best service we can. One important way for us to show you what we have is through layouts. This is a very important part of our business. However, we very often don't have time to do this ourselves so we have Creative Teams to work their magic for us. A Creative Team Member would take a kit and create a layout using it then post it to their Galleries letting people like you know what products they used and where to find them.

All they get in return for their dedicatated work and wonderful talent is the use of the Designers kit (usually for free).

What can WE do for them?
We Designers wanted some way to show our teams just how much we appreciate EVERYTHING they do for us so, Blossoms, this is what we came up with.

The Biggest Kit in the World and it has been created especially for YOU.

What happens after CT Apprecation Week?

Now, Once CT Appreciation Week is done, this Massive Kit may well be sold for Charity but thats something we are still discussing as I write this. Personally, I hope it is and I KNOW my Blossoms would feel the same way.

Who can get this Kit?

But for now. The ONLY people to get this special kit are the CT Teams of those Designers who took part. We have been so excited doing this for you and it was very hard to keep the secret for some of us, lol. We hope you love it as much as we love you.

How does the Team get this?

Private emails are being sent out to CT Teams from their Designers with the links for this kit. You won't find them here.

A Dedicated Gallery and Forum for Fun all week.

There is also a dedicated Gallery and Forum via the wonderful Melissa Bennet and Inked Edges just for the CT Teams to show off their lo's using this kit and to join in some very special challenges and fun all week long. Again, your private links will be sent you directly.

So, What do you think of


This is why you need 2 whole gigs of free hard drive space girls. Yes, I did say 2 whole gigs. Thats how big this whoppa of a kit is.

Have fun. You deserve it!
and thats it from me for the weekend. I'm off to get ready to p-art-tayyyy, with my Mama.
Have a great weekend
Hugs to all
Boo x


KrisG said...

First I want to say thank you for yesterday AND today's downloads... somehow I missed you Friday, LOL. THANK YOU!!!! I'm sooo loving this kit and you are such a sweetie to share this great kit and the story of your grandfather with us.

Second, all I can say is WOW! The CT looks GRAND... and gorgeous of course since you ALWAYS make beautiful kits. I think your CT definitely deserves it and will all love it!

KrisG said...

OOps... I meant your CT KIT looks grand, LOL... but then your CT is too, hehe. I sooo wish I could get my hands on that kit!

makeyesup said...

thanks for the 2 days of freebies, you are so sweet with this great kit in honor of your grandfather. Enjoy your evening out with your Mom.

Shell said...

Thanks for the goodies. How do we find out which list of designers participated? If none of mine did then Im switching teams lol so quick somebody who participated pick me up lol just kidding.

crlin said...

Have a great time tonight with Mum! I am sure she will be thrilled!! Thanks for todays goodies! Love the CT thank you! It is absolutely amazing! I am fortunate to be on 2 CT's and loving this gorgeous kit! Thank you for your part!!

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

OMG - what a wonderful kit in appreciation of CT's - hmmmm. - wonder it any of my designers participated!! hee hee Thanks Boo for all the wonderful goodies!! Appreaciate them all!! I hope that kit is sold for charity - I certainly would buy it!! Thanks again!! Have a blast with your mum!! Hugs!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What an absolutely gorgeous gift for your CTs! I know they work really hard judging by all the lovely layouts I've seen posted on your blog and other sites.
What a great way to give a little back to them.
Hope you have a fun evening out with your Mom.

schellie said...

I hope you have a wonderful evening with your mom and a fine day with the family tomorrow. Thank you for your great freebie add-ons on both de grandad kit and the cld birthdaypartykit! Love the alpha!

Lynncal said...

OMG, that is soooo awesome Boo, you are the best!!!!! I LOVE being on the CT, I get to work with your gorgeous artwork, and for free!!!!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful beautiful fantastic kit. Can't wait to get the links and see the CT site, this is soooo cool. Lynn

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for the links to both kits today!

What an awesome kit of appreciation to the ct teams...they are going to love it! You designers are just awesome!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Boo!!!!
TY so very much for both 35 & 36!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS TO ALL THE CT members & TY all so very much for all that you do behind the scene!!!!!!!!
HUGS FOR YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mrscwooddell said...

Wow, Thanks bunchies Boo!
I am loving the freebies and the CT appreciation week is fabu too!

Kittenb said...

All I can say is WOW! I am working on Downloading the CT kit now and Am just so thanksful to all of you that put this together for us.

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

What a fabulous gift for your Blossoms. They do such wonderful layouts for you and seem to love it too! You must be "something else"!!!

xashee's corner said...

WOOHOOO!! thank you so much for all the goodies! i am caught up again!lol oh i sure hope you have a GRAND time with your mum tonite!! and i LOVE that CT kit... WOW!! Thanks soo much for all you share!! Have a WONDERFUL day! :D