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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Day 60 of 100 Freebies and another review.

OMG..... Where does the time fly to? Can you believe we are already at Day 60???

Well, we are and here it is. Today I have for you something to zip up all those cute lo's you've all been doing. I love these little elements. They're so cool for showing off two papers or slipping a favourite photo behind. Hope you'll like it too. You can grab it here or click the preview. Password is 100freebies Enjoy

So, lets take a quick look at what the last ten days have brought us. We've had some cool looking papers, page titles, swirlies, a nice little cluster, a cute QP, some fab zips and bows galour...
and then ofcourse, we had Day 50 which was a WOWser of a day for goodies. A kit within a kit, a complete det of BB's and of course my Mega Store Sale. Hope you've all enjoyed it so far. There's lots more to come.

A LO from our Blossom Lois

I just had to share with you this gorgeous lo from our Lovely Lois who does a fab job hosting the Blossoms Blog. She used my June Birthstone kit to create this beauty.

Thanks so much Lois. We just adore it.

The Blossoms have all been creating like mad too. Silly me forgot to grab the lo's before posting but I will have some for you tomorrow.

Some Important Info re my Blog Kits, TOU and some New kits coming soon

I've been crazy busy working on some new kits and sorting out my older blog kits ready for store and I'm hoping to get them in for next week.

For those of you who asked about my previous blog kits, I've taken note and am working on them now for you. All my store products except CU items will now contain a special addition which will allow S4H/S4O including web design, tags, email stationary etc.

At the moment, any kits given on my blog as freebies are only allowed for Personal Use. Once they go to store, having been checked that they follow the TOU of and Designers who's products I may have used in the creation of the kit, they will have the additional S4H/S4O option at no extra cost BUT.... you must retain your reciept as proof of purchase and all the kits will contain a hidden watermark.

I have NO doubt that you will all understand why it has to be this way. Its a sad fact that even the great Scrapping community has not escaped Piracy and I have been affected by it myself so I know and understand how other Designers feel about it. However, because of it, Designers of CU Products have now put very strict conditions on their TOU, some do not allow their CU items to be used in making freebies for instance. This has meant an increase in cost for me and a lot more time involved in sourcing new and interesting products for you all to enjoy so.... with all that said... I am so sorry for those of you who have asked about using my freebies for the use of web sites, emails etc. You will have to buy the re-vamped kits from the store but I promise, I have so far kept all of them at a super price and a managable size. I sure hope that helps. You'll find them over at SAS and I'll let you know when they are in my other stores.

Give me your suggestions...

Ok, I often get a lot of my inspiration doing the colour challenges at my favourite places like DSO and CLD and ofcourse, mine at SAS, hehe. I don't know why that works for me but it does so.... here's what I'd love from you ladies. Send me your colour swatches via my email (left hand side bar at the top). If you have a story to go with it, like why they are your fav colours or why you want that paticular set of colours I'd love to hear it. If its a favourite photo or a room in your house that you just love because of the colour, send it in to me. If I choose YOUR colour swatch to work with, YOU will get that kit FREE, Hows that for some incentive?? Don't forget to include your name/user name and your email address. There should be 4 to 5 colours for a good colour swatch to work well.

Another thing I would love to know as I have a bad habit of getting carried away when I'm creating as my 100 Days will show, lol.

Kit Sizes

I'd love some ideas of what you ladies think is a nice size for a kit. How many papers do you like to get in your kit and of those, how many patterned, how many solids. And how many elements per kit do you think is right, good value for money etc. What kind of elements do you like to see? I recieved a message from a lovely lass the other day commenting on size of kits so I thought I'd put the question out there and see what YOU all think.

I have been thinking of doing something like a

Mini Kit, 6 to 10 papers and 12 to 18 elements

Midi Kit 10 to 20 papers and 20+ Elements

Maxi Kit 20+ papers and 30+ elements

Mega Kit 30+ papers and 40+ elements

What do you think????

If you have been having problems with 4shared and the password. try copying and pasting the password from here to the 4shared box. Sometimes when tying, we accidently add a space so it won't recognise it. If you still have problems, email me (top left hand corner) and I'll see what I can do.

Sazz, you asked about Day 5. At the moment, I can't check it but I will. 4shared has been mis-behaving of late so it could just be a glitch with them so try again. If I find the link has broken, I'll fix it asap.

The Music

Oh, before I go, someone mentioned about how to turn the music off on the blog. Hey, I tried it and it works so for those of you who prefer a little quiet, click on the volume button on the slide show box and its off. Thanks for that info and thanks everyone who wrote to say they enjoy it. I'm glad you do. And THANKYOU to you all who leave your comments for me. They make each day a bright one, even when its raining cats and dogs.

Ok girls, I have to get back to work so see you tomorrow

Until then, have a lovely day


Boo x


Terebene said...

Thanks for the cool zippers. I really like to receive a variety in kits - it isn't so much quantity (although your numbers seem reasonable) as uniqueness. I tend to buy larger kits, vs. minis.

kssia said...

NÃO PERCO NENHUM... O Password is 100freebies...

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Boo!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for these AWESOME zippers!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so very much for sharing all that you do!! i LOVE this kit and think it's WONDERFUL!!! i think your kit sizes are GREAT too! ;D Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :D