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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sometimes, I realise how lucky I am....

I was browsing as usual through all those fantastic blogs, hunting for my freebies and a good many laughs along the way when I found myself in FishinmomDesigns. Now I don't often get chance to visit her blog but I always love it when I get there and today is no exception.

I wasn't expecting to come away blubbin' my eyes out though. Why? Well she has a You Tube video there that totally wiped me out. As a mum of two boys, both serving with the British Army and both having done tours in Iraq and eleswhere, I can't tell you how many times I found myself biting my nails to the quick, refusing to watch the news for fear of what I'd see there, scared to pick up the phone or open the mail. Yeah, I know lots of you out there know just what I'm talking about right?

So, seeing that little video today brought it all back to me but it also made me realise just how lucky I am. Both my boys knew why they were there and even now, my youngest works hard to help the innocents caught up in this awful conflict. It's easy for me to say there's a good reason for all of this. It's easy because my boys made it through.

I will NEVER forget how lucky I am or ever fail to be grateful to those of you out there who wern't so lucky. I know it's because your loved one had my sons back. Thank you and God bless you all, those serving and those left behind.

And special thanks to you fishinmom for reminding me of just how lucky I am.

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snowraven's cave said...

I can fully understand what you mean.My husband was fighting at the front line in the first Gulf war in 1990/91, with the British Army.Some of his best mates were killed by friendly fire and I was scared every day that I would get bad news.That video and song made me remember these times.
Our son is 15 now, but he says he might join the Army.
Hugs Snowraven