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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Big Announcement and Your next Freebie

Check it out......

I'm sooooooooooooo thrilled I can't tell you. Lisa contacted me this morning, very early this morning to give me the good news and I've been dancing on air ever since. Expect to find lots of lo's using her wonderful kits in the future as well, of course, as my lo's for SAS.

Happy Birthday Simon

It's my baby brothers birthday tomorrow (11th October) and he'll be 36 years young. Now then ladies, keep calm, he's still single and eligable but he is quite a handful as my next lay outs will show. So if any of you have any thoughts on a little ' romance' be my guest. Leave a message in my chat box and I'll see he gets it. Just don't say I didn't warn you...........

I'm using blue for my post today just for him as he's a huge EVERTON fan. Count yourself lucky Si. It's only because it's your birthday so don't go getting any ideas that I've changed from being a true RED..............yayyyyyyyyyyyyy......Liverpool Rock.

Now you can grab Lisa's fantastic kit 'PIZAZZ' over at her store on SAS and while your there, check out all of her other goodies. I'm almost dribbling at the thought of them.
A BIG THANK YOU Lisa for having me on the team.


I have stacks to share with you but as you'll have guessed from my last post, Blogger (and my pc, I'm sure) have been behaving very badly and I lost my huge big post so I'm going to give you that a little later in the week. For now, I thought you might be glad of the next installment of my 'MOMENTS' collection.

Here's your Freebie, 'Morning Glory'

Sorry, its gone

Alpha here

Embelleshments 1 here

Embelleshments 2 here

Papers 1 here

Papers 2 here

Papers 3 here

Your next Freebie is 'Sunset Dreams' It'll be here in about a week. Meanwhile, Please don't forget about my 'Eye Candy' Challenge. I haven't had any reply's as yet., boohoo! Just scroll down to the last post for a refresher about it and let me have your links/layouts by the 5th Novemebr. There is a wonderful 'Posting Gift' for taking part.

You all take care now. Enjoy and come back soon. Big hugs. Boo x


Lisa West said...

Wow girl, you are fast!! Love those layouts...they are awesome! Tell your brother happy b-day for me. I absolutely adore these kits! Thanks so much for sharing them...I'm downloading now. If I have time (between trying to get the whole house cleaned for the hospital visit, washing new baby clothes, and putting my stuff into my stores) I'll take you up on that Eye Candy challenge. I have an unorthodox piece of eye candy if I can track down a few pictures. Hehe. :)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Vera said...

congratulations on getting on that team! :) the kit looks great and your LOs too of course.

Thank you for the lovely kit you've generously given to us :)

Angel's Imaginations said...

Congrats on being chosen for the CT! Happy Birthday to your brother.
Thank you so much for this kit--it's beautiful! :)

Shell said...

Congrats! Thanks so much for another beautiful kit!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this awesome kit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Margo (plus family members) said...

Hi Boo,

This is the best birthday card I have ever had. Cannot believe my Big Sis has created such a wonderful BLOG. Wow - I never knew you were so creative - fantastic Kid.
Loads of love Si xxxxX

PS how come you didn't use me as eye candy?

Tracy said...

Thank you so much! Love these kits :) Congrats on your new position and Happy Birthday to that adorable brother of yours... I only have one sister, and while she is single, alas, she has a boyfriend.... plus, I think Simon might be a tad old for her.... but, with that great smile, I'm shocked he hasn't snagged himself a good one by now :)

RoseAddict said...

Morning Glory is gorgeous! Thank you!

patchas said...

These are so gorgeous. I almost missed it as we have had a death in the family and then had to leave for my niece's wedding. I am currently on my way to NYC, but sitting in a motel with high speed internet and thought I'd better check your blog. Love the kit. Thanks so much!

grambie said...

As I wait for each download, I go back and read a little more of your blog. Your designs are a welcome addition that will highlight any of my family's photos. Love the various techniques on your layouts. It reaches a broad spectrum because you are not rooted in just one specific type of design. When softness is necessary, when strength is needed, and when grunge is expected, you have fulfilled all of those needs within this great collage. Have a blessed week and tell Lisa congratulations on her new blessing. SMOOCHES!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.